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Pens are Jon’s Friends

1st October 2008

Yes, its time for more pimping of our friend and office amigo Mr. Burgerman. Last week I wrote about the Heroes of Burgertown toys, and this week I am sitting thumbing through my own preview copy of his new 300 page monograph, published by IdN.

Pens Are My Friends

Pens Are My Friends is a beautiful book (complete with accompanying DVD, sketchbook, foldy-outy things, and a dust-jacket poster) covering much of Jon’s output over the last few years. From characters and toys, via paintings and drawings, through to clothing lines and major work for incredible clients, its almost all in here. Even salads.

I’m especially chuffed to get a couple of credits at the back. That is mostly for making him tea daily I suspect, but possibly also for tinkering with his web presence over the years. Jon, its been a pleasure.

Pens Are My Friends

Anyway, its a gorgeous book if you love witty artistic illustrative creative idiosyncratic doodling wonderment, or simply feel that your coffee table just doesn’t have enough scribbles on it. Its got beautiful photos too, taken by that bloke Nathan Beddows who always comes by the office on his BMX out of breath.

Currently available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and even more stockists internationally.

ISBN: 978-988-99591-4-2
Published by: IdN
Binding: Hardback, 310 pages
RRP: US$55 / S$65 / A$65 / HK$380 / £30

Update: Jon’s just launched a spanking new Pens Are My Friends mini-site where you can get more information about the book, view more stockists, get downloads, and all that kind of goodness.


# Kendall Sue responded on 2nd October 2008 with...

That is a beautiful book.  I love the colors and I’m sure my daughter would absolutely love the book too.  Thanks for the possible early Christmas present idea.


# Felicia Cruz responded on 7th October 2008 with...

I saw this at a friends house or I think it was the same one.  If it was, beautiful is a mild word!!  Spectacular is better.

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