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Pete Fowler Competition: The Result

19th October 2006

I’m pleased to announce that Simon (yes, another one, but not that one etc) has just won the right to adopt Maphi. Madonna was interested, but she didn’t complete all the necessary paperwork, so she buggered off to buy a baby in Malawi instead. Anyway, nothing made me chuckle as much as Simon’s suggested use for Maphi:

It’d have to be on a buffet table at my (forthcoming) wedding reception. It’d go in the canapes section, pride of place in the middle of the table, with a mixture of small cubes of cheese, miniture hotdog sauages and small pickled onions on his antlers.

If he doesn’t send us a picture of that then I will out him as a liar on this blog. That wins because it is funny, easy to visualize, and gets bonus points for utilizing the antlers. Simon, send me a delivery address. Thanks to all of you for your adoption requests. Warmed me cockles, you did.

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