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Pimping Greg Wood’s new website

29th February 2008

Erskine’s chief carrot-topped design wizard Greg Wood has just relaunched his personal website - - and I love it. Peppered with his own idiosyncratic robot doodles and “...a deliciously organized foray into the abnormalities and oddities of [his] grey matter.”

Illustration by Greg Wood

The devil is in the details, so I recommend trawling around this cornucopia of obsessiveness. For CSS trickery, check out the expansion of the screenshot when resizing text on the Work page, or the visual details on this Sweeney Todd review. I do worry about the contents of Greg’s brain, so enter his website with caution.


# Tom responded on 7th March 2008 with...

Bang up job on the site it looks awesome!!!

# Lenen responded on 13th March 2008 with...

I also think it is a great clean and simple design.. just love the simplicity. But what surprises me is the loading time of the site. I don’t know if it has to do with some temporarily server problems, because I can’t think of a valid reason why it should be this slow.

# Lynne responded on 15th March 2008 with...

You did it right.keeping it simple and easy to navigate but still be attractive. I think that you lose a lot of people when you have it set up with too much going on that takes alot away from your site

# Gregorious responded on 20th March 2008 with...

Thanks for the flattery people, and yeah the site may be slow due to the bad server. That’ll hopefully change soon though.

Also, thank you Mr Collison for pimping me.

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