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1st October 2005

Yesterday we finally launched the all new Poptones site. Poptones is the record label set up by former Creation Records boss and Oasis discoverer Alan McGee; the label that launched The Hives, The Libertines, The Paddingtons and many more on an unsuspecting public.

To say we’re overwhelmed that its already won a Web Standards Award is a bit of an understatement. I’m personally a bit tired and emotional about the whole process…


I love the whole Poptones ethic - it’s not about making money (Alan made enough of that through Oasis). It’s simply about the music, about the bands, about enjoying doing it. It was this approach that needed to be reflected in the design for the website.

It’s been an interesting challenge, and I’d love to write more about the approach and why we did things a certain way, but I’m simply too knackered. For now, I’ll just say “Hooray!” for the mighty EE, and “Awesome” to the other Agenzia boys - especially Jamie Craven who actually mocked the thing up. It’s his retro-tastic details that you see in the design.

Perhaps I’ll go into more detail later in the week, but for now, I simply need to do the cathartic “post it on the blog” and let it do it’s thing. As usual, I’m posting it up for feedback, so if something looks amiss, do tell. Or, lets say I can be arsed to “do a Malarkey” and write about how some of it was done, what might be useful?


# paul haine responded on 1st October 2005 with...

It’s excellent, well done.

# Ash responded on 2nd October 2005 with...


I’d be interested in knowning about how the naviagtion was done and any problems you encountered along the way with it. I’ve got something similar in a design I’m working on at the moment so it’d be very helpful.

# Tom responded on 2nd October 2005 with...

Looks great! I’m missing an RSS-feed for the mp3 blog however.

# Simon Collison responded on 2nd October 2005 with...

Tom: Good point! I’ll be adding feeds for each section later this week - I promise.

Ash: It was a nightmare, but I will try and explain it - again, later in the week.

# Ash responded on 2nd October 2005 with...

That would be great. Thanks.

# Simon Collison responded on 2nd October 2005 with...

Poptones RSS feeds for the MP3 Blog, News. Questions of Doom and Videos sections now available. Just visit the Poptones site and grab the feed from the relevant section.

More feeds to follow later in the week…

# T. responded on 3rd October 2005 with...


Great blog. Have you ever thought about ways of getting some more readers?

It is hard marketing a blog, but now there is a way to do it for free.

Just go to and add your blog. It’s Free.

There are people out there searching for blogs. Make sure they find yours.

Good Luck!


# ray mosley responded on 3rd October 2005 with...

LOL at the unsuspecting advertisement…not!

Was reading an Alan McGee interview in City Life the other day and I was interested to see how he is more focused on simply enjoying music nowadays and prefers not having huge bands to look after. The site certinally looks good and sure the content driven site will be just what fans look for

# James responded on 19th October 2005 with...

Congrats on the award… well deserved, cool site!

That is all :)

# Simon Collison responded on 19th October 2005 with...

James: Hey, it’s Nottingham James! Always loved “This Man’s Life”, James. Think I was reading it before I became brainwashed by blogs two years ago. Thanks for stopping by…

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