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26th January 2006

Thank you to the 197 of you (see, I’m keeping it updated) who introduced yourselves, de-lurked, and left your flags the other day.


It was genuinely brilliant to find out more about y’all - what you do, what you care about, where you live/work/play. I loved visiting all of your sites, and appreciated your comments about this humble little website.

So, lets find out the final figures. How many from the US, how many from Slovenia? Which country spawned the most comments? Who won the book?

The tally as it stands

I’ll update this tally based on any further unique comments here or on the other post. maybe you can bump your nation to the top by gently nudging your friends. Know anyone in Antarctica? What happened to all you Icelanders?

  1. United Kingdom (53)
  2. United States (43)
  3. Canada (17)
  4. China (11)
  5. Australia (8)
  6. Sweden (7)
  7. Germany (6)
  8. Netherlands (6)
  9. Belgium (4)
  10. Italy (4)
  11. New Zealand (3)
  12. Croatia (2)
  13. Czech Republic (2)
  14. Fiji (2)
  15. Finland (2)
  16. Portugal (2)
  17. Singapore (2)
  18. Angola (1)
  19. Argentina (1)
  20. France (1)
  21. Guyana (1)
  22. Iran (1)
  23. Ireland (1)
  24. Israel (1)
  25. Japan (1)
  26. Mexico (1)
  27. Norway (1)
  28. Poland (1)
  29. Romania (1)
  30. Slovakia (1)
  31. Slovenia (1)
  32. South Africa (1)
  33. Spain (1)
  34. Thailand (1)

Good work, readers!

So, who won the book?

Using a random number generator, a winning comment has been selected. Receiving a copy of CSS Mastery in late Feb/early March will be the very lucky Steven Ametjan from Los Angeles - that sprawling, dirty, sleazy little town in America. Huge congratulations for your good furtune. Now email me your postal address without delay!



# Nik responded on 26th January 2006 with...

Congrats on the Book, I will definatly be buying myself a copy when it comes out.

Looks like you have quite the international readership at the moment.

# Simon Collison responded on 26th January 2006 with...

Nik: Cheers. After reading your thoughts about books versus online tutorials, I hope it lives up to your expectations! No doubt the bulk of it (Andy’s chapters) will do.

# Steven Ametjan responded on 26th January 2006 with...

Wow, and to think that this is the first time I’ve ever won something like this hahaha. I’ll email you with my address right now.

# gb responded on 26th January 2006 with...

Ah, thus proving my theory that my winning a free Mars bar in Bendigo Australia 5 years ago would be the only time I’d ever win anything. Awesome. Congrats, Steven.

Now I want a Mars bar…

# Gustaf Lindqvist responded on 26th January 2006 with...

Can’t you post some pictures from the book Simon on Flickr?

# Simon Collison responded on 26th January 2006 with...

Gustaf: I can do better than that - well, Andy has: CSS Mastery.

# Jesse responded on 26th January 2006 with...

It’s fun to de-lurk every once in a while ;)

# Chris Wible responded on 27th January 2006 with...

Your random number generator doesn’t like me is that it!?

# Chris Fritz responded on 27th January 2006 with...

Now you just need to add flags for states, provinces, and prefectures ;)  [Seriously, North America looks so pathetic with only three flags when compared to Europe =( ]

# Tony responded on 28th January 2006 with...

Ah, the hopes of 196 people were just dashed! I’m looking forward to (buying) the book still.

# Michael G responded on 28th January 2006 with...

Oh well maybe I will have better luck with the Euro Lottery tonight.

Congrats Steven

# Marko Mihelcic responded on 1st February 2006 with...

heh nice to see where’s 12th :)

# Jan Brasna responded on 3rd February 2006 with...

C’mon, where the hell did you put the Czech flag? :) I’m all for this - you know, being between Italy and Israel may be nice, especially in Winter. Unfortunately, it’s not the case, the weather widget shows -11?C here :D

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