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Recovering from my Oasis theme day

27th May 2005

A brief post from my Starbucks office in Holborn, London. Last night, the gravy boy and I had something of an Oasis theme-day.

After checking in at the Colombia Hotel (scene of many Oasis hotel room smash-ups), we asked the nice receptionist if Liam and Noel were due in. “I do hope not”, was her wry reply. Later, it was meetings with the folks over at Poptones (Oasis mentor Alan McGee’s new label), to discuss a forthcoming redevelopment of their website. Finally, it was some hot guest-list action over at Hammersmith Apollo for the last London date of Oasis’ small-venues tour. Like me, you might have thought the Oasis glory days ended around 1997, but it seems we could be wrong…

The guest list thing would’ve been more comfortable were it not for the fact that we were on the list as two very well-known music industry faces, whom we resembled in no way whatsoever. I won’t say who sorted out the passes for us, but big thanks. Especially big thanks seeing as Oasis are having something of a renaissance.

I’ve seen that band five or six times now, the first way back in 1994 (and that didn’t cost me anything either). That gig blew my head off, and I’ll never forget the emotion, noise and genius of that night. Since then, at varying points, Oasis have flattered to be a great band, but often delivered little. That coupled with the fact that their recorded music has deteriorated since 1996 meant I was a bit sceptical before last night’s gig.

However, a good Oasis gig depends on whether Liam can be arsed. Invariably he will shout the lyrics, cut them short, rasp when he would normally offer something melodic or gentle. Equally, he is renowned for looking at the audience as though they are worthless scum. Thankfully, last night Liam was clearly “mad for it” (sorry, readers). Looking really fucking cool, and singing with real emotion, he didn’t put a slanty foot wrong all gig. He went for every subtlety of the recordings, and looked to be having a good time. Blimey.

Song after song (and there were many oldies from Definitely Maybe and What’s The Story…) the crowd were wowed. I have never, ever seen every single person in an audience (and I mean EVERY person) singing the lyrics and waving their arms to a live song, but that happened several times last night, and during the stupidly epic Don’t Look Back In Anger I thought I was gonna cry. Gush.

The new tunes were a bit lacklustre, although Lyla sounded fantastic, which surprised me as I wasn’t that keen on it when it came out. Generally though, they seem to be back on it again. Apparently the Guardian gave their new album 10/10. Not sure about that, but hey, why not give them some credit for once?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I loved Oasis with a passion in 1994/5/6/7. When you love a band that much, it takes a lot to wipe out your loyalty. I held Oasis up there with The Smiths, The Stone Roses, New Order and all the old 60s bands I grew up listening to thanks to my Dad. Oasis aren’t the cutting edge any more, they aren’t gonna break any new ground, but I defy anyone to have Rock And Roll Star sang at them with that much noise and passion and not be won over again.

Anyway, I’m sure lots of you hate Oasis, so do have a good rant, or swear quietly to yourselves. To those of you that “get it”, go away and stick Definitely Maybe on, turn it up - loud, and stick two fingers up to everyone else. Oasis still rock. They rock a fucking fat one. Welcome back.

Set list
  1. Fuckin’ In The Bushes (Intro)
  2. Turn Up The Sun
  3. Lyla
  4. Bring It On Down
  5. Morning Glory
  6. Cigarettes and Alcohol
  7. Stop Crying Your Heart Out
  8. Little By Little
  9. The Importance Of Being Idle
  10. A Bell Will Ring
  11. Live Forever
  12. The Meaning Of Soul
  13. Mucky Fingers
  14. Champagne Supernova
  15. Rock ‘N’ Roll Star
  16. Songbird
  17. Wonderwall
  18. Don’t Look Back In Anger
  19. My Generation


# Jesse responded on 28th May 2005 with...

They have a song entitled “Let there be Love,” which really seems to freak out my fiance (she is a huge Oasis fan from the beginning, I was more into NoFX back then). Something has changed, but it is all for the good cause their new album is near 10/10 for my tastes. I wonder if they stopped or cut back the drinking? They did have an American producer on this album… that demonstrates some flexibility.

Just wish their Toronto show didn’t sell out in 2 min.

# Ben Ward responded on 30th May 2005 with...

Wayward as they’ve become, I still hold the softest of spots for Oasis. ‘Morning Glory’ was the first CD I owned (along with Blur’s parklife… I kinda skipped over that bitter rivalry bit).

I also rather liked most of Be Here Now. ‘Magic Pie’, ‘D’yah Know What I Mean’ and ‘Fade In-Out’ were stunning (and according to my iPod, still are). It’s only after BHN that they’ve become less interesting musically (although ‘Familar To Millions’ did enhance the ‘Shoulders..’ material to stella quality).

I’ve not been impressed with Lyla, it just seems to plod along. The chorus isn’t bad, I suppose.
I will inevitably buy the album, if only because they meant so much to me as a kid. Q gave it 4 stars, though I don’t know how much that means these days.

I really should go see them live at some point. It’s good to see that they still play the greatest hits.

# Paul B responded on 31st May 2005 with...

I must say IĂve always been a fan and felt they suffered from that Œbuild them up, knock them downĂ attitude we have here.  While subsequent albums havenĂt lived up to the first two, not a lot else from the last 10 years or so has, Embrace, Keane and IĂm sorry, but, Coldplay anyone?

Granted, live when their not on form itĂs hard work, but when it works itĂs awesome. That my two-penĂeth worth anyway.

# Simon Collison responded on 1st June 2005 with...

The new album is sounding better and better…


# steve keyworth responded on 2nd June 2005 with...

Where’s the swamp song on that set list? That skanky, screaming riff fair tickles my nuts even to this day.

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