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See you in two weeks!

5th August 2004

Woo-hoo! Shut the Powerbook, roll out the “Out of office” auto-reply, dig out the bucket and spade. I’m having a well-earned rest for the next two weeks, so you can expect nothing new from me until the 23rd August. Yep, even the blog is getting rested. Well, maybe I’ll post the odd thing here and there…

So, I’m off camping in the Peak District National Park, hopefully trotting off to Brighton to meet up with Andy, Richard, Dunstan, Jon and some other code-smiths, dodging down to London to see some bands and have a bit of fun with a certain new friend, and getting back to some daily cycling on the old Specialized. It’s likely that I will also be consuming plenty of beer and suffering more intolerable hang-overs.

If you see me wandering around this little island, say “Hello” and I’ll buy you a beer. Right, where’s ma shorts?


# Jon Hicks responded on 5th August 2004 with...

Have a good break - look forward to meeting you in Brighton!

# Kaustubh Srikanth responded on 5th August 2004 with...

Have a fab holiday! :)

# Fernando Dunn II responded on 5th August 2004 with...

Don’t stay out there too long.

# Paul Watson responded on 7th August 2004 with...

If you fancy a beer in Brighton then drop me a line

# Jeremy Keith responded on 8th August 2004 with...

Looking forward to seeing you in Brighton. It’ll be a blast.

# Steve Keyworth responded on 10th August 2004 with...

Taking a break?
S’bout time.
Have a good time on the Geek Weekender. no offence.

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