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31st January 2005

I was up at 6am trying to wrestle back CollyLogic and The Libertines, and nearly gave up hope. I’ve just about had enough of our continuing problems with our Media Temple Appliance Server.

We have done everything we can to make sure that box is optimized, fast, and able to handle the big load it shoulders. It’s probably just a shoebox with some wires in it.

Anyway, sorry the sites were down for so long. Whatever happened, it wiped my config files, hence the no-show once the yanks managed to reboot the server manually. In the meantime, I can only apologise for the often slow download times, and the increasing blips in service. It’s not down to me, I assure you. And well done me for not swearing.


# Simon Collison responded on 31st January 2005 with...

In fact, half of my preferences are fucked.

Apologies for broken links - they’d reset my “force query strings” prefs, and who knows what else at this stage.

Media Temple - I am way too busy for this right now!

# Jon Hicks responded on 1st February 2005 with...


# Gordon Mackay responded on 1st February 2005 with...

Eeeew, nothing worse than server problems.

Oh, and congrats on not oathing hehe :)

# Simon Collison responded on 1st February 2005 with...

Jon: I’m considering it.

Incidentally, I’m informed by the Temple that it was due to a 6 GIG log file (that’s a big log - he-he!) that occured due to the PHPBB forums we inherited with the LIbertines job. Those forums are pesky, and have caused a lot of security and performance woes. Apparently, I needed to set my log files to rotate - something that obviously should be a default.

Oh, there’s so much to learn…

# Mark responded on 1st February 2005 with...

6 gig log - nice!

Bloody hosts though, i’m currently going through the same sorts of problems changing to Dreamhost - i’m just hoping EE is going to play ball (fingers crossed).

Oh, congrats on the nomination for the Libertines. I bet that makes the 6 gig log file problems a little easier to swallow… imagine that, swallowing 6 gigs…

# Simon Collison responded on 1st February 2005 with...

Swallowing 6 gigs would explain the six gig log. Oh dear, this is getting childish. He-he,

# jason responded on 9th February 2005 with...

shit. i just ordered an AS from MT.  what other problems besides the log did you have?  how much load can they handle?  please advise before it’s tooooooo late… 


# Simon Collison responded on 9th February 2005 with...

Don’t worry, Jason. It’s been cool since I wrote the above. It was the log file that caused most of the trouble. Keep an eye on those, and spend time familiarising yourself with the Plesk admin system.

The good thing about an AS is that you don’t have to worry about going over bandwidth or storage space, as you can manage it all yourself.

One negative: I find MT’s customer support really slow, brief and often unhelpful, aside from the occasional chap who really tries to help, and best results are obtained over the phone.

# jason responded on 9th February 2005 with...

thanks for the quick reply and good advice. would you recommend MT?

# Simon Collison responded on 9th February 2005 with...

Erm, that’s a difficult call. Yes, but Hicks is always telling me how good Segpub are. Not sure if they have AS or not.

One good thing with MT - they don’t mind heavy, heavy traffic. CollyLogic and The Libertines push a good forty-thousand hits a day, with no wobble - so long as you don’t have 6 GIG log files of course!

# jason responded on 9th February 2005 with...

good to know a number.  having trouble with over 10000 on my current host, so this is good to know.  a good stepping stone, i’m hoping.

thanks again.  great site.

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