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Revenge Of The Sith

20th May 2005

I’ve been trying to articulately describe the film for twenty minutes, but I just can’t do it. Maybe it’s because I’ve got a stinking cold, but I’ve written and deleted sentence after sentence. The other day I spoke of the excitement and the dread that every Star Wars prequel brings, but I needn’t have worried.

By all means, if you’ve seen the film, tell me what you thought was good or bad about it. I need to know that I’ve not blown it out of all proportion in my head. Over the next couple of days I’ll come back to this post and try to explain to you why it was so good. Give me time to get over this cold and work out where to begin…


# nanfoodle responded on 20th May 2005 with...

I’ve tried to find a way to describe it myself today, after seeing the movie. Lucas somehow managed to capture that intangible feeling many of us felt as children watching the first trilogy and recreated it on screen in ROTS. You could argue that it has some of the same problems of the other prequels, although to a lesser extent, but this time it all just works. I personally loved this movie. A terrific comeback.

Hope you feel better.

# Scott responded on 20th May 2005 with...

Yeah, it was sweet.  It didn’t feel the same as the original trilogy, but it didn’t feel like the first two prequels either.  It was like something wholly new, and yet familiar.  The best part was the familiar details, like the Ion Engine sounds.  Also, the excessive saber dueling was sweet.  Actually, most everything ruled, except for a few hokey moments and some less-than-stellar acting.  Also, I’m still wondering how technology devolved in the next 20 years or so—for example from the agile walkers the clone army used in Episode III to the clumsy AT-ST.

I could go into more detail, but awe and sleep deprevation have set in on me as they have everyone else.  Also, I don’t want to give much away for those that missed out.  All in all, it was excellent.  3 word review: “Impressive.  Most impressive.”

# Jeff Miller responded on 20th May 2005 with...

I thought the movie was excellent and was much better than the last two prequels. The opening battle sequence and the lightsaber duel between Anakin and Kenobi were my favorite parts in the movie. I also thought Lucas did a great job with the ending with how he tied it into Episode IV.

# chet responded on 20th May 2005 with...

Very good movie.  The dual between Obi-wan and Anakin could have been longer I think and more expressive.
Some scenes could have been made longer.  I felt the movie moved a bit too fast near the second half.
When all the jedi were getting killed was a very good part.  It showed the vastness of the clone wars..

# James B responded on 20th May 2005 with...

I thought it was great - nice and dark like Empire. I did feel that Lucas tried to shoe-horn a lot of stuff in, to the point that I felt like I was missing bits, but maybe that was just part of his giant conspiricy to make me go see it again ;)

One thing that annoyed me slightly was the really tight camera work on the Kenobi/Anakin lightsaber duel. I’d seen some of the behind the scenes stuff where they were rehersing that and they looked great, but with the camera in so close a lot of the time you couldn’t really appreciate their mastery. It’s a bit like watching football on TV, where the director insists on zooming in right onto the ball at a players feet, but to truely appreciate the skill you need to see the player in his wider context. You find yourself shouting “pull out you bastard!” - which I managed to refrain from in the cinema.

But tis’ a minor gripe.. It was bloody fantastic! Anyone else have the urge to sever some limbs?

# Hayo responded on 20th May 2005 with...

I’ve been laughing through most of the movie. I think the most brilliant bit was darth’s “Nooo..” on the end. It convinced us Darth is actually C3po. Although the “no, YOU are evil” bit was very nice aswell.

Otherwise nice movie!

# Ben Ward responded on 20th May 2005 with...

I told you so. I’m still buzzing about it myself now, 2 days later. Better still, The Company are paying for us to all see it again this afternoon.

And Chewie will go śWooeeaarrrgg!”. Again.

# Simon Collison responded on 20th May 2005 with...

Whoo! You’re all positive. I was expecting a few “Boo"s, but you’re all making my day. With a bit of luck I’ll be able to put my thoughts into words later.

Best bit? What about Yoda “forcing” those two Imperial Guard lookalikes to the floor before his showdown with Sideous?

Go on, give us yer best bits…

# Christoffer E. L. Eide responded on 20th May 2005 with...

The movie was brilliant, just as dark as it needed to be and all. But to answer this:

IĂm still wondering how technology devolved in the next 20 years or so—for example from the agile walkers the clone army used in Episode III to the clumsy AT-ST.

I think its because of the civilwar’s affect on… Well everything! After so much battling it has to be a major lack of materials, so stuff in general starts to look more crappy, since its all recycled of old bits and parts. Then things starts to get a bit more “low-tec” and there you have it. I think :P

# Julian responded on 20th May 2005 with...

I think the movie was great. I especially liked the scene with yoda and the imperial guards and all the scenes with r2 in the rescue mission with all the oil and electric shocks. And then Anakin and Obi-Wan and Palpatine were in this energie bubble and Anakin said “r2 will come and rescue us! No Problem!” and then r2 came and everything was fine and suddenly all these droids were standing around them and kicked r2 to the floor…

There were so many funny moments where everyone in the cinema was laughing but a great deal of thrill too “ just great.

# Simon Collison responded on 21st May 2005 with...

Christoffer: Agreed. We discussed the “low-tec” nature of Episode 4/5/6 ships and vehicles compared with those on 1/2/3 and all agreed that owing to the World War 2 style desperation for materials and the oppression of the era the equipment would have to be of a sub-standard.

Not sure why the Empire’s stuff is low-tec though. Actually, most of their stuff was shiny and top-notch (except AT-ATs).

Still not ready to write up my thoughts yet…

# Karl responded on 21st May 2005 with...

I loved it.

Anakin’s seduction by the dark side was a little quick but nicely done and as mentioned already the camera work was rather tight on Obi-Wan and Anakin during their duel. I think this was due to the fact that they’re not as good at moving as Maul was so we got a real close-quarters battle view instead of long shots of acrobatic flourishes - the Qui-Gonn / Darth Maul fight is still the definitive lightsaber duel in my books. I was a little disappointed by the music for the battle too, again not up to “Duel of the Fates”.

The ending was well done, seeing the tie-ins to “A New Hope”.

I will definitely be going back to see it again (fanboi alert).

# sneer responded on 22nd May 2005 with...

It was abysmal. The acting was non-existant, the script written by a bunch of monkeys with typewriters, the plot slightly more predictable than the Iraqi invasion and the CGI clearly conjured for a game console. It wasn’t involving, it wasn’t entertaining, it was a waste of time.

I couldn’t agree more with

Thank the Gods of Hollywood they shalln’t be subjecting us to any more pre/sequels for this over-flogged, rotting carcas of a dead horse.

# Rob Winters responded on 23rd May 2005 with...

I’m a MASSIVE Star Wars fan. But I find myself totally agreeing with sneer. :( I’m gutted… so disappointed. 

But the Yoda guards thing was funny :)

# Mark responded on 23rd May 2005 with...

I concur with Sneer as well, ROTS just about ruined Star Wars for me. Just remembering Vader bellowing śnoooo!” in such a cheesy way at the end of the film still sends shudders down my spine.

# Ben Ward responded on 23rd May 2005 with...

Whilst there were cheesy clangers (namely Vader’s “noooo!”) - some are a result of Lucas’ less than perfect writing, others are completely unfathomable (namely Vader’s “noooo!”) - I didn’t think they were enough to spoil the film. They just need skipping over quietly in retrospect. There was plenty of good stuff to overlook some bad lines.

As for favourite bits: I think the entire rescue sequence. It started the film at a lightening pace, provided a sweet space battle, showed Hayden not acting like a 2-by-4, had lightsabers, humour and R2.

I loved all of R2’s action: Being able to catch, tucking the loudspeaker into a well placed drawer in his shell, the oil+fire part, the tazer and getting kicked over in response. While I’ve no doubt many people protest at R2’s utter lack of technical specification continuity, the “it’d be cool if R2 could do [x]... give him rocket boosters” attitude never ceases to entertain me.

Also loved Anakin and Obi-Wan backing into the small room of droids and the wry smiles before turning and hacking them to pieces.

And Yoda. And… And…

# Craig responded on 24th May 2005 with...

What I really liked was that if you watched episodes 21-40 of the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network you get to see why Grevious is coughing and how Palaptine gets kidnapped. They also show how Anakin gets knighted and why his arm is mechanical instead of just his hand (like in the end of ATotC).

Cool stuff.

The Jedis go down way too easily after order 66 or whatever it was called. I’m pretty sure that their “Spider Senses” would have been tingling and they could have put up a better fight.

Plot holes that I didn’t like:

1. Lea says she remembers her Mom in RotJ. ???
2. Chewy ends up becoming second mate to a space pirate in ANH. ???

# Pete F. responded on 24th May 2005 with...

Seen it twice and in both instances this is an incredible spectacle of a film.  However, the dialogue and wooden delivery for the most part was just as deflating a second time around.

In terms of absorbtion and suspension of disbelief, Revenge of The Sith totally makes up for the previous two prequels—the camera work was more interesting and dynamic, and gave a better sense of involvement.  I don’t think there were many at the midnight showing who weren’t close to tears seeing Anakin wrything around near the end, multilated and burning.  Lucas nailed the death of Anakin Skywalker perfectly.

...which doesn’t explain why so many other scenes failed to realise their potential; I’m struggling to recall a single scene where I didn’t want to openly laugh out loud at Sideous wobbling and warbling onscreen.  Pathetic.

That aside, I did enjoy the film.  Kiddy writing did grate, but the visuals and the soundtrack were utterly fantastic.

# Pete F. responded on 24th May 2005 with...

...and General Grevious was a magnificent character in every respect; he captured a lot of the original trilogy’s spirit.

# Karl responded on 25th May 2005 with...

Craig: Chewy owes Han a “life debt” when he saved him from a beating from a bunch of Imps. Han was an Imp officer at the time hence dropping into the underworld to avoid detection (basically).


# levee responded on 26th May 2005 with...

I saw ROTS about a week ago, and really enjoyed it. Yes, Vader’s ‘Noooo’ was appauling and spoiled the hallowed moment completely, but it’s best not to dwell on that!

While I loved the film overall, has no-one noticed how poor Natalie Portman was? No offence, but for one of the main characters, I just didn’t care about her at all. Couldn’t understand what Vader saw in her….

Anyway The Phantom Menace was on TV a couple of days later. And it was awful. Revenge Of The Sith is far superior to the other prequels and sets the scene perfectly for the original three movies.

# Richard responded on 2nd June 2005 with...

Well, Lucas had to try to make up for it all, + i saw the screening of the movie (won tickets from a radio station.

I liked the movie, but one thing that i’ve been noticing about the people that hated the movie, is the fact that they are expecting it to carry the other 2 flops movies.

Now… lucas making a TV show i hear? (rumors? lies? truth?)we’ll see how it does and the only thing i know is that he should hire someone else to do dialog… that would be best for us all..

(yes… yes… the “noooooooo” WAS that bad..)

Oh ya 1 more thing, looked like haydn took some acting skills between II and III

# Doubting Thomas responded on 6th June 2005 with...

The film was pretty entertaining, in a broad comedy space farce sort of way. I thought it was hard to care for any of the characters, given that the script was so intent on scrubbing out any degree of personality from the dialogue, but that doesn’t really matter: Yoda explicitly tells us not to give a toss in the film with the whole “let go of what you are afraid to lose” schtick. A good thing for the fan boys to pick up on, perhaps?

But why do they make such a meal of the ‘younglings’ (ngh, that word really made me shudder) getting killed when they’ve gone to join the force again, which we’re told is to be envied? ROTS has absolutly no internal logic… And besides, the Wookies hide an escape pod behind a bush: the film’s taking the rise!

# Jamie Poitra responded on 16th June 2005 with...

I realize I’m late to the party but had add something.  Hayden can act.  So can the rest of the people in these movies for the most part.  All I can think is that Lucas actually wanted them to act like that. 

And damn but the stuff with Yoda was just plan awesome.  He was too cool.  I thought he gave up the fight with the emperor too easily though.  It didn’t seem like the beating he acted like it was.

# Paul responded on 17th June 2005 with...

Not bad movie, lots of plot holes, which I guess isn’t surprising since they’ve tried to write this around something from 30 years ago.

In RotJ (i think) Ben explains to luke that the emperor knows that if Vader had offspring they would be a threat, so luke and his sister were hidden. Yeah right. This movie depicts that decision…“where shall we hide vader’s son, somewhere he’ll never think of looking?, I know, how about the same house vader’s mum used to live in (AotC)! We won’t bother to change his name from skywalker either, and we’ll make sure he grows up with everyone knowing that his dad was anakin skywalker”.

Vader knew his Mrs was pregnant, because she told him… surely he would have been out looking for his son?? And surely he would have found him rather easily considering the pathetic job the jedis did of hiding him???

# Pete F. responded on 17th June 2005 with...

Working as an assumption, perhaps Vader considered the children dead when he (supposedly) killed Padme.  Very tentative I know, but… [shrugs]

# Creford responded on 4th July 2005 with...

There were extremely excellent and the best scenes in the movie “Revenge of the Sith”.
Good originality and great imagination, great story in this movie!
Here’s Photo gallery for Hayden Christensen(Anakin) of this movie.
I love Star Wars series the most!

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