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Starting from the beginning…

14th August 2009

Last week I was invited to do a video interview with Ryan for his please start from the beginning series.

It’s around 40 minutes or so of me being very honest, occasionally hiding behind my massive Batman mug. Do check out Ryan’s interviews and the one with my good self if you’ve got some spare time and there’s nothing on the iPlayer (I recommend Psychoville).

On a related note, Ryan also recently interviewed me about design processes for the Boagworld podcast, if you’ve even more time to kill.


# Oliver responded on 6th August 2009 with...

Enjoyed watching that and I will not under price ever again!

# Oto responded on 7th August 2009 with...

That Batman Mug is dope. Where did you get that?

# Simon Collison responded on 7th August 2009 with...

@oto: Cheers. I don’t know exactly where it was bought, as it was a gift from my ex. She bought it in London somewhere. Its an official DC Comics product covered only in selected original comic panes from the Moore-penned stuff, and comes in an equally comic-inspired box, if that helps.

# Glen Swinfield responded on 10th August 2009 with...

I like the books wallpaper at the back. It’s amazing the stuff they have at Wilkinson’s these days.

# Simon Collison responded on 10th August 2009 with...

@Glen: It has a secret door in it (well, not so secret now) where I can go through to my Collycave where I keep my CollyMobile. Its all kept in order by an arthritic old man called Bernard who I kidnapped from an Old Persons’ Home. I call him “Alfred”.

# James King responded on 11th August 2009 with...

Really interesting video, its great to hear how you started and all the long hours that go with it.

We are a new agency ourselves, and in the first 6 months of working full time for us after finally making the jump from contracting, and its quite comforting to hear that you made the same mistakes we have already made.

Keep up the good work

# Guy responded on 12th August 2009 with...

I know who you remind me of,  Paul Smith,  same accent, same creativity and passion, just with a different taste in jumpers.

And you both do great work.

# Simon Collison responded on 13th August 2009 with...

@Guy: Why, thank you kind sir. Being a Nottingham boy, Mr. Smith is obviously an inspiration to me. Met him twice in the indie cinema - smashing chap. He grew up a few miles from where I wet my nappies, but somewhat earlier. Now I have grown up I proudly own a Paul Smith suit, shoes, shirts, tie and some other stuff. Its a right of passage in this town.

# SJL Web Design responded on 22nd August 2009 with...

Great video, was very interesting to watch, should of saved it till sunday morning though! I love the batman mug too, you need to let us know where you got it from!!

# Discount web design responded on 28th August 2009 with...

cool video. thanks for posting.

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