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Straight to the Point

30th January 2007

I’m in Edinburgh again, just over two years since my first visit to Scotland. This time around it is purely for business reasons, but I couldn’t help treat myself to another stay at the triangular Point Hotel on Bread Street - once listed as one of the top 150 hotel designs in the world.

The Point

Developed out of a dilapidated former department store by the late Scottish architect Andrew Doolan, it is a building to love and a hotel to enjoy. It is independent, overshadowed by the castle, relaxed, warm, welcoming - and it has free wifi in the bar.

Corridor at the Point

Most of all I love the interiors, with fluorescent lights covered in various hues of silica gel by Jonathan Speirs & Associates. Anyone who has experienced the conceptual artwork of Dan Flavin will know what I mean. The corridors pulsate with reds, greens and orange and are the antithesis of your typical bland hotel interiors. The Edinburgh Architecture site has more detail.

Corridor at the Point

If you find yourself in Edinburgh, you’d do well to remember The Point. And no, I’ve not been paid nor received any incentives to write this - I just like the place. That said, if the staff are reading this, it’s Mr. Collison in Room 223 and I’d love a back-rub and some champagne.

Corridor at the Point


# Max Manders responded on 30th January 2007 with...

Colly - nice to see you up here in Edinburgh.  I’m a web designer/developer hoping to go freelance one day but at present doing web development for the local government.  I didn’t notice your name on the list for The Highland Fling :-( I really like your work.  Enjoy your stay… fancy a pint ;-)

# paul haine responded on 30th January 2007 with...

Looks nice - do me a favour and try out the banoffee creme brulee for me, would you?

# Richard Rutter responded on 30th January 2007 with...

Looks pretty damn swanky - but what would it be like the morning after a big night out? Painful, I wager.

# Simon Collison responded on 31st January 2007 with...

Max: Alas, it was a bit of a flying visit. Mostly spent with the client, prior to a nine hour journey home due to the rail system being shite. Again. And I’d love to have spoken at the Fling, but nobody asked me (blub). Nice site by the way (I see I’m not the only one to have a cat called Ziggy (although I wasn’t responsinle for the name, although I am responsible for Bearface).

Paul: Mmmmmm. Banoffee. I saw some McVities Banoffee Digestives up there in the CostCutter.

# Max Manders responded on 31st January 2007 with...

Our last cat was called ‘Fleetwood McMac’, so we thought that this one should be called ‘Ziggy McStardust’... I didn’t pick the names either, it was my partner Joanne!

# Ken Gray responded on 31st January 2007 with...

Colly, if you fancy a pint in the Blue Blazer or the Bow Bar, let me know. A mate of mine and I would love to buy you a drink. Currently enjoying your Beginning CSS book by the way.

# car travel responded on 31st January 2007 with...

this is a very good bloog

# Tim responded on 2nd February 2007 with...

It’s look like a room of happiness and everlasting childhood… amazing… my style. But if I look at it for a long time I begin go mad :)

# Jake Liddell responded on 5th February 2007 with...

It’s a nice hotel, but felt a little tired, when I was there a year ago.  A bit like it had been designed a while a go, and needed a fresh coat of paint.  Nice bar though.

When I’m in Edinburgh, the Point would be number two for me.  My favourite is the Knight’s Residence.  It’s a little-known and inconspicuous place, just around the corner from the Point. is the link.

Similar price to the Point, but for your money you get a 5 star flat rather than a room.  Large tv, DVD player, broadband connection (proper LAN), kitchen, music in the bathroom, and they provide fresh milk, orange juice, a loaf of bread.  They even have your name listed outside on the day of your arrival, and remember whether you like white or brown bread!

They have two room flats that are even better value, and great for a family, or a couple of couples.

Worth a try.  Again, no links or affiliations - no idea why I’m telling you all this actually, as it’s bound to be packed out now!


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