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The Dead Goods

25th August 2006

What do Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley, Janis Joplin and Keith Moon have to do with CSS? That was the question I posed back in June.

The Dead Goods

Well, here is the answer. Hope you like it.


# Martin Smith responded on 26th August 2006 with...

I didn’t realise they were all so short - sorry, vertically challenged!?  They can hardly see over that navigation the poor wee rock chimps!

# Alexis responded on 26th August 2006 with...

thanks for this information

# John Labriola responded on 30th August 2006 with...

This is better than The Traveling Wilburys!

But who is the lead singer than? I wonder who will break more guitars, Jimi or Kurt?

# Jefry responded on 2nd September 2006 with...

The answer’s neither fish nor flesh. :(

# Andy Rutledge responded on 3rd September 2006 with...

I’m disturbed to see someone here posting, representing themselves as me.  The above post from “Andy Rutledge” with the link to my site was NOT Andy Rutledge. 

Perhaps you can block their IP address and help prevent this unscrupulous individual from this illegal behavior here.

Andy Rutledge

# Simon Collison responded on 3rd September 2006 with...

Andy: This is happening to a lot of people lately it seems. I’ve banned the IP and removed my reply. Thanks for letting me know…

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