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The ExpressionEngine team take four giant steps

9th March 2007

It is a very big day for my friends over at what was, until today, called pMachine. Originally named after their initial product (long since put to bed with the growth of ExpressionEngine) they have today been reborn as EllisLab inc, named after the founder Rick, who is modestly not responsible for the decision. Well, he blames the team…


Figure 1: Rick Ellis.
The network

At last, the relatively wide network is consolidated through four glorious redesigns by one of my own favourite designers, the mighty Canadian and long-term EE design collaborator Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain:

Update: A little birdie has just told me that the very first article in Digital Web Magazine’s forthcoming Working Designer series will feature Mr. Bennett-Chamberlain discussing the ins and outs of this very project. One too look out for during your post-SXSW hangovers, methinks.

The advisory board

Showing the team’s growing commitment to their user base, they’ve established an Advisory Board of web professionals, consisting of myself, the aforementioned Jesse, Veerle Peiters, Jason Santa Maria, Greg Storey and several other EE-obsessives. Our roles will involve providing fresh feedback to the EllisLab team, and ensure the products grow in line with their intended use “out in the field”. Oh, and all those critics suggesting women are disenfranchised on the web should note that the advisory board consists of six men and four women.

The future

Today, as if we needed reminding, any of us who staked our businesses and reputations on ExpressionEngine can sit back with pride, glee and a dollop of smugness and reflect on how far the platform has come, whilst speculating wildly about where it will be going. The near future will bring us the much anticipated EE 2.0 (that’s a version number, in case anyone thinks it is anything to do with bloody Web 2.0) with a remodeled engine and full Ecommerce.

The party

Anyway, head on over and check out the skinny, and if (unlike me, sob) you find yourself at SXSW this weekend, pop on over to the EllisLab meetup and pretend that I’m there with you.


# Lisa responded on 9th March 2007 with...

The near future….

Anyhow, it is exciting, isn’t it? I never imagined that in 2004, when I first started randomly answering questions, that I’d see the company grow so rapidly and with such astonishing success.

# Joelle responded on 9th March 2007 with...

Completely thrilled with the new roll-out!  Jesse did an incredible job. 

Speaking as one of the four women, it’s nice to be on the panel with you. ;)

# Mark R. Adams responded on 9th March 2007 with...

It’s the growing aspect of EE, now EllisLab, that impresses me most. I began my weblog many years ago using open source scripts, only to be frustrated (as I am not a programmer) by the limitations of those free offerings, particularly in the area of support, but also it the willingness of those projects to add new features. Granted, I really couldn’t complain, but I did want more. I find that even though I pay for EE (annually at that), I have few complaints. EE, er, EL, continues to build its product and expand its services, meeting a wide array of needs and exceeding my own. Perhaps it is, “You get what you pay for,” but I suggest its more than that: EL is really in tune with the market, whatever its model. I’m sure the advisory board will spur EL to greater success. Congrats to you all.

# Richard B responded on 10th March 2007 with...

The guys over there are awesome and I definitley feel that there is a huge shift towards EE (ExpressionEngine). I know a lot of users who have switched from Moveable Type over to EE who wish they had done so years ago.

I hope EL continue to grow like this and they deserve the praise, and those of you who have ever had to use the support will vouch, they are on their game each and everytime - do they ever sleep? Had a sneaky feeling something special was going on when the site was not available for a short time last night!

# Martin responded on 14th March 2007 with...

Let’s wish good luck and achievements for a new team

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