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The Indy-fatigable franchise is back!

15th February 2008

Ooh, ooh. The trailer for Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is out today. Whatever your views on such a belated episode of the boys-own saga, I tell you that the moment you hear the theme tune you start to feel like a kid all over again.

Ray Winstone and Harrison Ford

Figure 1: Ray Winstone and Harrison Ford in a spot of bother.

The plot revolves around Indy going to the 2008 Olympic Games to bring down China over the Darfur crisis. No, not really. That was just a little bit of politics.

So, what can we glean from this brief glimpse? Well, its classic Spielberg adventure thrills. It has Ray Winstone in it. It has Cate Blanchett in it. There are plenty of big stunts. Harrison Ford sounds like he smokes 50 a day. It has a very long and stupid title. That hot shot kid everyone is talking about is in it. So is John Hurt. So is Karen Allen (best of all Indy’s women). George Lucas has managed to get some Ewoks into it (possibly). It is out on 22nd of May. I can’t wait. I might be disappointed. I don’t care.


# Richard B responded on 15th February 2008 with...

Not sure if it’s going to work to be honest. I’m a little concerned. But hopefully I’ll be proved wrong and Harrison (who must be in his late 50’s right?)  can pull it off. Mind you Mr Bruce Willis did recently in Die Hard 4.0.

Looking forward to the new Batman movie, Dark Knight, more than anything. Looks the bollocks to me.

# A.Fruit responded on 16th February 2008 with...

I’m actually more excited about the Star Wars Animated movie and subsequent TV series on Cartoon network (well at least in the states),

More Info Here on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

Even though the animation quality doesn’t seem to be cutting edge, the artistic stylings are great (IMHO). Chiseled beards and cartoony proportions… I’ve always loved Dooku, he look great!

Not to mention the potential for it to continue through the TV series for as long as it’s popular.

# George Ornbo responded on 16th February 2008 with...

What’s with all these old action heros coming back! First Rambo now Indy!

# Sam Hardacre responded on 19th February 2008 with...

When I first heard about it a few years back, I weren’t sure that it could be pulled off. Harrison Ford is getting on a bit now, but by the looks of it, he seems to bring back the old magic of the first three. I wish Sly Stallone would compare himself and retire from acting.

I’m intrigued by the scenes in the warehouse with very familiar looking crates : ) could he be after something? Come on May, get yer arse here sooner!

# Margret responded on 20th February 2008 with...

Going to be one of this years best films no doubt about it.

# Dave responded on 27th February 2008 with...

Well the music really gets the heart going. Looking forward to it. Remember it more fondly then ET or Star Wars.

# Michael responded on 1st March 2008 with...

damned i think it took a while until the movie will be avaible in germany :( i really enjoy “indy” its sooooo cool. Spielberg is still the best!

# chloe baby responded on 3rd March 2008 with...

It is such a classic film series, i loved it as a kid and still do.  I know Harrison Ford will pull it off, he still looks good and is a great actor.

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