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The Laziest Music Monthly Ever

28th January 2007

For those that email and ask me what happened to Music Monthlies, I bring you a lazy update. No links, no info, just my January playlist. New bands, or old bands with good new albums.

Cold War Kids / Midlake / Mates Of State / The Maccabees / Regina Spektor / CSS (yes, the band) / Gruff Rhys / Peter, Bjorn and John / Brakes / DJ Shadow / Tom Waits / Camera Obscura / The Decemberists / Jarvis Cocker / Enter Shikari / Union Of Knives / The Cooper Temple Clause / Tokyo Police Club / The American Analog Set / Howling Bells.

Job done. Be equally lazy and don’t bother commenting. Or, tip me off if I’m missing something good (do NOT mention anything to do with Damon All Bran, anyone called Jamie or Jack, anything overtly “emo”, or anything from 2006).


# JamesM responded on 28th January 2007 with...

...How about the new Shins album?

# paul haine responded on 28th January 2007 with...

How about The Be Good Tanyas?

# Carolyn responded on 29th January 2007 with...

I just bought the Decemberists - it’s sitting right here on my desk begging to be opened and played.

# Johan responded on 29th January 2007 with...

How about Nav katze, Shonen Knife, Bedhead, The sound(Adrian Borland)?

# Olly responded on 29th January 2007 with...

How about ‘The Mink’.
Quite honestly, I’ve never heard anything like it.

# Anthony responded on 29th January 2007 with...

The Bees album, Octopus, is very very good (errrr… but it’s not out ‘til March… ahem)

The Noisettes album is brill… also enjoying Klaxons more and more.

Need to sort out my first review post of the year methinks.

# Maaike responded on 29th January 2007 with...

The new Shins album is great. So is THX JHN by the Dutch band Johan.

# docflo responded on 29th January 2007 with...

Menomena - Friend and Foe
The Noisettes - What’s the Time Mr Wolf?

# Tim Almond responded on 30th January 2007 with...

Von Sudenfed. It’s a collaboration between Mouse on Mars and Mark E Smith.

# Jamie responded on 31st January 2007 with...

I’m loving that Cold War Kids track around at the minute.

I’ve heard a few tracks off an album called Raising Your Voice (something like that) by Hammock.  You might likey as it’s quite Sigur Rós (ish) and a bit Oceansize.

Then again being a big Sigur Rós fan you might just shoot down my comparison.

# Simon Collison responded on 31st January 2007 with...

Maiike, JamesM: Yeah, I like the new Shins single. Will check out the album on your recommendation.

Paul: Not heard any of the Be Good Tanyas stuff, but keep seeing the name. makes me think of Tanya Donnelly which I’m not overly happy with.

Johan: I think you broke the rules with the Adrian Borland recommendation, but the others seem quite, erm… mental.

Olly: You are biased, but yes, Mink rock, in a dirty, slightly dishevelled way. Dirrty. You heard it here first readers - Mink are furrking Godlike.

Tim Almond (ahh): Mark E Smith-ahh, you say-ahh. I’ll investigate-ahh. Thanks-ahh.

Docflo, Anthony: Noisettes? Shouty lady singer. Yeah, I liked a track I heard on the telly the other day. Bad, bad name for a band though (makes me think of the Pipettes, who are baaaad). Anthony, are the Bees better now then? Lost on me the first time around, despite a lot of “buzz”. Ha-ha.

Jamie: Yup, Cold War Kids are my faves at the mo - Hang Me Up To Dry and We Used to vacation are excellent, and I got a few more tracks that are tickling my ears too. I’ll investigate Hammock too. Hard to do Sigur-Ros (ish) these days, seeing as Sigur Ros exist and are so good (understatement).

# Johan responded on 31st January 2007 with...

I think you broke the rules with the Adrian Borland recommendation, but the others seem quite, erm… mental.

I am not quite following ... You meant you can appreciate the Sound but the others you know less (as you said seem)

# Ken Gray responded on 31st January 2007 with...

The Decemberists’ ‘The Crane Wife’ is excellent. You may also enjoy Tunng, ‘Comments of the Inner Chorus’. But the Shins album is not as good as their other stuff - it left me completely cold.

# Sticky responded on 31st January 2007 with...

He might be a little mellow, but pretty good Hangover stuff or perhaps a Sunday afternoon… and considering he played all the instruments himself on the album, he’s a bit good like…

Salem Al Fakir - This is Who I Am

# docflo responded on 2nd February 2007 with...

I gots two more:

Jamie T - Panic Prevention
Pop Levi - The Return To Form Black Magick Party

good stuff!

Oh, and the new Clap Your Hands! and the Klaxons LP are also nice. And I am hereby disqualifying myself by saying that I really enjoyed All Bran’s TGTB&TQ…

# Simon Collison responded on 2nd February 2007 with...

Docflo: You are also disqualified for mentioning Jamie T (see my note specifying no “Jamie”) - as his lame-assed crap was exactly what I was referring to.

I am tired, tired, tired of people singing in cockney accents, let alone naff “street” cockney accents. Did I ever bore you all about how much I loathe Eastenders, The Krays, that London gangster thing, Lily Allen, Phil Daniels & Parklife, Barbara Windsor etc etc.

I like the Clash though, the Kinks, erm… Steve Harley and his Cockney Rebel, Only Fools and Horses, Bobby Moore. Hmm, some Londoners are OK I guess. Don’t know what I’m on about now.

Like CYHSY though, and as for Klaxons, Golden Skans is a tidy slice of space pop ain’t it, guv’nor.

# docflo responded on 5th February 2007 with...

Oops I broke THE RULES…
To my German/US-American ears all that cockney sounds just so lovley. I also adore Billie Piper in Doctor Who. OMG! I like chavs!

# Armando Alves responded on 16th February 2007 with...

Here’s a bunch of “must listen”:
- Of Montreal,“Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?”
- Bloc Party, “A Weekend In The City”
- Arcade Fire, “Neon Bible”
- Boy In Static, “Violet”
- Yoko Ono, “Yes I’m a Witch”

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