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The Reggae Tribute Genre

2nd September 2006

I’m utterly digging the Easy Star All Stars right now. My esteemed colleage Mr. Rudkin introduced us to Dub Side Of The Moon a couple of months ago - Pink Floyd’s trillion-selling behemoth done in its entirety through the medium of dub reggae.


Well, they’re back with Radiodread. This time around, Radiohead’s epic OK Computer is reworked through the roots-style reggae filter. How could we not love Horace Andy’s vocals on Airbag, Toots and the Maytals jollification of Let Down or Menny More tackling Fitter Happier?

Grab a can of Lilt, head on over, and experience the friendly pop-up window that’ll instantly start treating your ears to some of Radiodread’s great moments. I’d love to know what Mr. Thom of Yorke thinks of it all…


# Rob responded on 2nd September 2006 with...

Great blog!  I’ve added a link to your blog on Blog of the Day under the category of Music.  To view the feature of your blog, please visit

# Darren Nicholls responded on 2nd September 2006 with...

yep, herd some ‘radiodread’ on 6music. it was pretty damn good. nice site as well.

# Andy Higgs responded on 2nd September 2006 with...

The Dub Side of The Moon became my soundtrack to my summer in Taiwan two years ago. It never fails to reminds me of the times living off oriental food 24/7, living on the beach and cruising through the mountains/along the coast on motorbikes. I love it.

I listened to Radiodread, and even though there isn’t any fond memory to attatch to it yet I am more than willing to give it a go. From the five tracks already available I think it’s already very promising…

# Nick responded on 2nd September 2006 with...

After first refusing to give permission for the record, after hearing a track, Radiohead endorsed the album, according to Timeout:

Michael and Eric decided the best thing to do was to let the ‘Head hear what they were trying to do, and so sent a CD of Lucky (as sung by Frankie Paul) and the legendary Horace Andy╠s take on Airbag to the band along with, according to Eric “an impassioned letter” to see if it might change their erudite Oxford minds.

“And within 48 hours we heard back from them saying they loved what we did”, says Eric, with raw relief still evident in his voice. “The fact that they said yes after hearing it is actually a better endorsement than if they╠d just let us do it at the start.”

I’m yet to listen to the whole album. The tracks I have heard have been first class.

# John Oxton responded on 7th September 2006 with...

Totally awesome… man!

# Ben Ward responded on 14th September 2006 with...

Finally nabbed a copy of this before I moved house and whilst I’m not sure it’s as outright brilliant as Dub Side was, there are some fine moments: Airbag (especially the dub version at the end) is ace and I think Let Down may be the best on the record.

I do love it.

# Stuart Frisby responded on 14th September 2006 with...

God god Mr Collison, you just made my day. ‘Let down’ is truly brilliant. Duly ordered.

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