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An EE site in 24 hours

2nd December 2007

My colleague Jamie Pittock, who also runs the successful ExpressionEngine “fan-site” Jambor-ee, has something special for you through this otherwise bleak and flu-inducing December.

Over the next 24 days we’re going to be building a website using the web publishing software ExpressionEngine. Each day a new tutorial will be published and will follow on from the last. Each tutorial will be intended to last no more than an hour. So really we’re hoping to build a website in less than 24 hours!

This is an ambitious project, but if anyone can do it, then Jamie can. I’m particularly excited that he’s using this project to build a site he’s been talking about for ages.

Head on over to Jambor-ee, grab the feed, and get your notepad out. This is one workshop not to be missed.


# Richard B responded on 2nd December 2007 with...

Ambitious project indeed. I’m intrigued to see how this goes. I’m liking the hours spread out across the top and the format in which Jamie has chosen to display each hours progress.

This would be perfect for the guys at Ellis Labs to use as plug on their site. “How To Build a Site In 24 Hours Using EE”.

Are they aware of Jamie’s project? I’m assuming they are right?

Good luck to him.

# Jamie responded on 3rd December 2007 with...

Hi Richard, yeah EllisLab are aware, they just gave us some love.

It was all a little last minute which is why I didn’t have much time to get the promotional machine fired up.

# Richard B responded on 3rd December 2007 with...

Ah superb!

Can’t rate those guys enough.

# Alexandra responded on 3rd December 2007 with...

Hi Simon!

My name is Alexandra and am writeing you from sweden. I just came from four days in iceland and i comepletly loved it and eccpectally (terrible spelled i know) the vintage store Sputnik, so i google it to find their homepage and it dosent look like they have one (insted i came to your blog ;) So i was wondering if you maybe know how to get in contact with them, or find their page on the net.

Best whishes!

# sophie responded on 4th December 2007 with...

wow. That is an ambitious project. I’ll definitely stick around to find out how it goes. :)

Well here’s another fun thing to do on this “bleak and flu-inducing December” as you’ve put it.

Create your own icons on this website, and pit yourself against others and see what they think of your design. Just check out

# Hasnain Syed responded on 5th December 2007 with...

Would love to see how this goes. Quite a practical and I’m sure very thorough tutorial on the process, challenges and obstacles faced along the way. Looking forward to it.

# sommerreise responded on 8th December 2007 with...

Very interesting project! I will follow it with marked attention. greetz

# webtag responded on 9th December 2007 with...

I’ve just discovered your blog. For a first time here and i got luck with that post. Wish i join with the experiment from start thou it’s not so late now

# Wendy responded on 23rd December 2007 with...

Looking forward to seeing the end result, so far looking great! A really neat concept to try, no matter how it turns out.

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