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Thursday Rant

17th November 2006

Right. No more commenting on this website for the foreseeable future. I am being comment-spammed to fuckery, and unless I enable captchas, it will clearly continue.

Even though the spamming is getting more and more inventive and I’m blacklisting all culprits, I owe it to my readers and those that subscribe to comment notifications to keep things clean. Comment spammers - you win. Well done. Now fuck off and go ruin someone else’s fun. I’m too busy for your shit. Read on for Quicktime footage of just how angry I am today, and more ranting…

What else? Well, I bought Brian Suda’s Using Microformats from O’Reilly’s Short Cuts range of PDFs, for $9.99. Brilliantly written, so top marks to Brian. Zero points go to O’Reilly for producing a product with zero thought for typography (it looks like a five year old designed it), and less than zero thought for proof-reading. Seriously, it is a great read but if I’m paying good money I demand at least a little style and some consistency across type styles. Please update the PDF and inform everyone who has purchased it.

Finally, browsers suck. Safari, Camino, Firefox, Opera, IE7 - whatever the platform, you still suck. Today, at least.

Next week I’ll launch two sites that will explain what I’m up to and why I am actually very happy. Until then, I shall swear, rant and moan at anything that annoys me.

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