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Trailer: Erskine and the Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride - a tale of horror and woe

20th November 2008

As previously posted, in June 2008, four members of the Erskine team completed the Great Notts Bike Ride 50 mile route.

Well, some months back we edited some of Greg’s shaky footage into a rough-around-the-edges horror movie pastiche thingummy. Its not big or clever, but we like it. You might not, but if you’ve 3 minutes to kill, have a peek.

Its not particularly good, and the footage doesn’t really fit Greg’s superb horror graphics, but its a lovely memory of an horrific day. Goes nicely with Greg’s brilliant poster too.

Greg's GNBR Erskine poster

Figure 1: Greg’s blog poster.

There’s more via the following: Flickr photos and Glen’s blog post.

So far we’ve raised over £1,000 for various charities. Thanks to everyone who coughed up their hard-earned dough. Oh, and music is from I Am Kloot’s first album, because I’ve always loved it, and its spooky.


# Jason Cale responded on 20th November 2008 with...

I likes that.

# James Lindeman responded on 20th November 2008 with...

Not particularly good? It’s awesome. Can people still donate for such a valiant effort?

# David Hughes responded on 20th November 2008 with...

Love it!

Can I ask which typeface you used for the poster and titles? I love that also :-)

# Gregorious responded on 21st November 2008 with...

@david, I think Trajan was the serif used, and the scrawly title was the typeface from some classic horror film - Friday the 13th I believe.

# Carolyn responded on 22nd November 2008 with...

I watched the whole thing in order to do what any sensible woman would do: Decide which Erskine guy is the cutest.

# Jamie responded on 22nd November 2008 with...

I feel your pain Carolyn.  Obvious with me and Simon Campbell missing from the video it would have been a tough choice.

# Steve Rydz responded on 24th November 2008 with...

That looked like a hard ride.  It does make me ant to clean up my bike and give it a go though.

# Ollie responded on 25th November 2008 with...

I must ask what the lovely backing track is?

# Carolyn responded on 26th November 2008 with...

@Ollie I believe Colly said the background music is from the group I Am Kloot. It actually inspired me to go buy one of their albums.

@Jamie Thank goodness you and Mr. Campbell weren’t in the video, too. My head would still be spinning from the awesomeness of all the manly beauty. :) But, seriously, I want to say that it is so great to see a web design company really DO something that shows that their concern for doing the right thing, caring about people, being socially aware and concerned, isn’t just a bunch of talk. You weren’t thinking “brand,” you were thinking “people” and it says a lot about all of you. I see that running a marathon is next (for Glen, at least), for a good cause. We need more companies like yours.

# Sophie Dennis responded on 3rd December 2008 with...

Is it bad that I find footage of four men so obviously in pain hilariously funny?

... ...

In my defence, there’s a slight edge of been-there-done-that-hysteria to my laughter.

Great work guys!

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