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Wanted: The Web Standards Creativity Gang

21st February 2007

We, the authors of the exciting new book from Friends of ED, Web Standards Creativity, will be on the loose at South by Southwest! Well, I won’t be - I have already been caught, but the rest of ‘em will.

Wanted Men

Our names, photos, and hideouts are listed on the bounty sheet. Find the rest of them in the convention centre, on the street, at parties - just find them! The first ten people to have their sheet stamped by all ten authors will each collect the bounty: a free copy of the book! Download the PDF for full details. As a special bonus, I have already pre-stamped every single sheet to get you started. They’re all yours, bounty hunter!


# Sam H responded on 22nd February 2007 with...

I’d love to take part and meet some of my peers but I am unable to attend SXSW due to lack of funds and lack of time to take off work : (

Alas, I shall have to wait for the book to come out and spend a bit of hard earned cash instead : )

Looking forward to reading it by the way! : D

# Richard Rutter responded on 23rd February 2007 with...

Brilliant idea Colly! Damn shame you won’t be there though.

# PRAY responded on 25th February 2007 with...

And that you so aggressively perceive it! All on so is bad!

# Trevor responded on 26th February 2007 with...

So we should collect autographs from computer programmers?

I love what you all do but am getting uneasy at the adulation it causes.

The whole fame thing is getting to you Brit Packers. Unless youre being ironic.

# Simon Collison responded on 26th February 2007 with...

Trevor: Geez, sorry about the adulation you perceive. I’m just working with the provided copy for the book promotion here.

In general,  just write about my life and what I do on my blog. I’m sorry if it comes across as arrogant. Possibly. Shit, at least I was one of the few who didn’t write a “How shit-hot 2006 was for me, nerr-nerr-nerr!!” post at the turn of the year - and I had a fucking great year in 2006 too, but I was too broken to write about it, and I try not to go on and on and on as it upsets less successful people.

Forgive me if I come across as defensive, but I’m sick of criticism at the moment and I’m just working damned hard and trying to do my best in the face of adversity. All I’ve got is my work at the moment.

I’m also sorry if being proud of my achievements is upsetting anyone. Let me cling on to something, please…

Rant over.

# Trevor responded on 26th February 2007 with...

Simon, the sites you make are excellent and you have helped many people get better at their own work.  Me included. 

And its really none of my business so I will trap my ears in the fridge door tonight.

# Fokking responded on 3rd March 2007 with...

Pleases that the administration well watches for a condition блога!

# Rob responded on 4th March 2007 with...

Eh, you haven’t truly made it until you have a few jealous detractors pissing and moaning, so I’d take it as a good sign.

# Richard responded on 5th March 2007 with...

Very cool idea Colly. I have pre-ordered the book from Amazon. Can’t wait to have it delivered. Don’t wanna bash you Trevor but ever heard of promotion? That’s all it is. Chill mate, hope your ears are on the mend.

# Guram responded on 8th March 2007 with...

Nice to see it!

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