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6th January 2012

Back in November, I was lucky enough to speak at the wonderful Build in Belfast. I reflected on over two years of specific investigation into our craft, and I think it’s one of my stronger talks. I certainly stand by the messages.

It starts with some Collison family history, and I talk about bricks quite a lot. Later it stretches out to cover things like goals and doing, strengths and values, craftsmanship, our tools, and the creative need for inquiry. It’s quite a positive, upbeat overview of web design and where we’re taking it, and I think it works quite well as a companion to my article for The Manual issue one.

Today, Andy posted the video, so if you are at a loose end you can either view it on Vimeo, or perhaps below alongside the slides.

Build is one of the most thoughtful, essential, brilliantly organised events I’ve ever attended, and to say that I’m relieved my talk went over well is a huge understatement. I hope you like it.

You can watch all seven videos from Build 2011 if you desire. And you should desire that. Initially, you can donate to watch all seven immediately, or be patient as Andy releases them publicly one by one. There are more details here.

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