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Web Standards Creativity has arrived

2nd April 2007

My copies of Web Standards Creativity have just landed on the doormat, and mighty-fine they are too. Chock-full of wondrous colour (one for the coffee table), ingenuity and inspiration. Here are a few ropey photos…

Collys chapter

Figure 1: Spread from my chapter, Semantic Structure, Dirty Pretty Presentation.

Rob Weycherts chapter

Figure 1: Spread from Rob Weychert’s chapter, Bridging the Type Divide.

Andy Clarkes chapter

Figure 1: Spread from Andy Clarke’s chapter, Designing for Outside the Box.

Mark Boultons chapter

Figure 1: Spread from Mark Boulton’s chapter, Grid Design for the Web.

Cam Adams chapter

Figure 1: Spread from Cameron Adams’s chapter, Creating Dynamic Interfaces using JavaScript.

There are five other chapters from Derek Featherstone, Jeff Croft, Dan Rubin, Ethan Marcotte and Ian Lloyd for your delictation.

I’ve only skimmed it so far, but it looks excellent (if I can say that considering I’m in it) and I’ve already spotted a number of things I’d never thought of trying before. Nice work, fellas (why no ladies?).



# Arjan Eising responded on 2nd April 2007 with...

Looks cool! I often do like books with much color. This gives a extra dimension. As I have some ‘design’ books in black/white…
I definitely think about buying this book :) If so, you’ll probably see a review at my web site.

# Saad responded on 2nd April 2007 with...

Looks excellent! Im really looking forward to getting this book.

# David Horn responded on 2nd April 2007 with...

Along with Transcending CSS, this looks like the ‘must have’ book for designers - good work, and congratulations!

# John Arnor G. Lom responded on 3rd April 2007 with...

Got mine a couple of days ago… Great book!

# Jamie responded on 3rd April 2007 with...

Cool.  You got copies to be issued to members of your team right?  *cough*

I’ve read your others honest!

# Richard B responded on 3rd April 2007 with...

Got my copy today. Have had this beauty on pre-order since February and have waited like a very inpaitent school boy on Christmas eve for this to arrive. So far I have only got up to Dan’s chapter but this book looks shit hot. Along with Malarkeys book (Transcending CSS) this is the only book that seems to take CSS a little more advanced with real life examples. Or at least one that looks nothing like a car manual book.

Congrats Colly on another fine book for the shelf, you must be proud mate.

# Adam Wiggall responded on 3rd April 2007 with...

Congratulations Simon,

Mine arrived on Friday (in the US) and so far has given me some great insight and inspiration.

Thanks for your part in it.


# Alex Mos responded on 5th April 2007 with...

Great… this book might be what I was looking for :D

# Sam Hardacre responded on 7th April 2007 with...

I got my copy the other day and have only just started to read it properly. The first chapter so far is excellent ; ) and the rest of the book looks great. Can’t wait to get a few hours spare to really get my nose stuck into it.

# Chandra responded on 15th April 2007 with...

I have bought an eBook from Apress. I really liked the book very much.
Your chapter is really good. Helps a new CSS developer to learn layout concepts.
The negative margin technique for placing the two navigations side by side helped me a lot in one of the layouts I am currently working.

I wish I could have had a hard copy of this beautiful book, but its not available in India.

once again, great writing Simon.

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