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Web Standards Creativity

27th January 2007

It is all about web design as art these days, as the cover of Web Standards Creativity seeks to emphasize.

Web Standards Creativity cover

Full colour loveliness from Ethan Marcotte, Mark Boulton, Cameron Adams, Aaron Gustafson, Jeff Croft, Derek Featherstone, Dan Rubin, Andy Budd, Ian Lloyd, Rob Weychert, Andy Clarke, and me. Published by Friends of ED on 1st March 2007, and hopefully destined for your coffee table.

Web Standards Creativity is jam-packed with fresh, innovative design ideas. The topics range from essential CSS typography and grid design, effective styling for CMS-driven sites, and astonishing PNG transparency techniques, to DOM scripting magic for creating layouts that change depending on browser resolution and user preference, and better print layouts for web pages.

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