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What a great Bank Holiday!

2nd May 2006

Forgive the moans, but I’m hoping it’ll make me feel better to talk to someone.

  1. I have not left the house all weekend.
  2. I have been using Microsoft Word for three days solid.
  3. Wayne Rooney (England’s star footballer) has broken his foot just before the World Cup.
  4. Michael Owen may not be fit for the World Cup either - as is the case for three other key players.
  5. Notts County have edged very close to being relegated from the football league.
  6. My Dad is still ill, has been in bed all week, and the doctors can’t fix him.
  7. My girlfriend is still in New York, I am not, and she’s got a new job (great news) which means she’s moving to London (not so great).
  8. There is still famine, genocide and poverty in this world (just so you are aware that I put my worries into some context).
  9. I have ran out of beer.

Very cathartic. Thanks.

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