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Where’s Durstan?

21st March 2005

Couldn’t find him in Iceland back in 1998. Can’t find him on the cover of his forthcoming book. Know who I’m talking about? Where’s Durstan?

where is durstan

Can’t anyone find him?

Malarkey can’t find him.

Hicks can’t find him.

Jeremy K can’t find him.

Dan’s having no luck.

Craig can’t find him.

Drew is never gonna find him.

Ethan’s looking amongst the cherubs.

Mike’s found a monster.

Derek is searching.

Nick is looking too.

Jeremy H is trying to find him.

Chris Vincent wants to find him too.

Andy B cheer-leads the search.

James wonders where he is.

Kitta looks around the Big Day Out.

Stefan surreally can’t find him.

Keith appears to have found him.

Stian is still looking.

Ryan canny seek him out.

Ian Lloyd rummages in his record collection.

Kim Siever is out to lunch.

Max Wheeler does some quality searching.

I can’t keep up!

I can’t add any more “Where’s Durstan” links now - there are just too many. If you want the full list, keep an eye on Malarkey’s post. And if Malarkey ever phones you and bullies you into more of his crazy “memes”, just say “No!”, kids.


# Crystal responded on 21st March 2005 with...

You Brits are hammering poor “Durstan” hard over this, aren’t you?! Sorry Colly, but I spotted him. Well-collaged, but the fact that he’s staring straight at us makes him stand out.

# James responded on 21st March 2005 with...

Nice picture! Is “Durstan” aware of this yet, or is he off filming his puppies again?

# Tim responded on 21st March 2005 with...

Erm, Crystal: “Durstan” is a Brit too, you know ;) Can you imagine the name “Dunstan Orchard” emanating from anywhere else?

# Simon Collison responded on 21st March 2005 with...

None of this was my idea - I’m just easily bullied.

# Ben Ward responded on 22nd March 2005 with...

How concerned should I be that spotted Drew’s really rather quickly? Does this make me somehow super-human, or just a spoil-sport?

# Dustin Diaz responded on 22nd March 2005 with...

I could take the 1.5 hour drive over to San Francisco and check for everyone.

That’s where he is right?

# Ben Ward responded on 22nd March 2005 with...

From what I remember, he’s still back in the UK at the moment Dustin. Something about a visa for working for Apple in the US. Can’t be much longer before he returns though (if not already).

# Sverrir responded on 23rd March 2005 with...

Strange I don’t remeber him being in Iceland in 1998 :p

# Simon Collison responded on 24th March 2005 with...

Sverrir: Hey, you’re not big mad Sverrir Olafsson who used to run Straumur art studios at Straumsvik, just outside of Hafnarfjordur are you? I suppose you aren’t, as there are lots of Sverrirs over there. Boy, that man was great. I spent three Summers at that mad-house.

Hey, still no word from Durstan. And looks like it’s more than just us Brits trying to find him.

# Sverrir responded on 29th March 2005 with...

No, it’s not me, I prefer the flying arts and programming :)

# Sverrir responded on 29th March 2005 with...

I didn’t connect the Texas sign to Iceland until after I read your comment and looked at the pic again… silly me :D

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