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You Are Here Opening party 2004

27th September 2004

Friday 24th September saw the masses gather in central Nottingham for the launch of our second city-wide visual arts festival. The venue (a huge former toy store) was completely rammed with beer-seeking contemporary art bohemians, all hell-bent on grabbing some hedonistic art-based fun. Read on for more details, and 106 photos!

YAH opening 2004

So, thanks to volunteer Tom, we have a whalloping 106 photos from the night, all up in the CollyLogic gallery.

Amongst the attractions included a cacophony of noise created by a bunch of fellows with customized washing machines, lots of buckets of water suspended from the ceiling, a young Japanese lady trapped in a box entertaining the smokers outside, and the opportunity to have your actual passport stamped with a Heaven entry visa. Yes, it was that kind of event. Did someone say ‘happening’?

Opening party

There was also a shop selling artist-crafted merchandise, and an inexhaustable supply of beers swimming in pools of icy water. For many, this was the most engaging exhibit, and it’s popularity meant it was often difficult to get close to it.

Congratulations must go to Rasheeqa, Lou, Jon, Mik, Niki, Marianne, Lizzy and Dan - plus all of the volunteers who helped get the venue ready, working all the hours they could. It was a mammoth task, especially considering the state of the old shop a few weeks earlier.

Opening party

Following the three hour opening session, the masses made their way to sweaty basement hot-spot Bar None for a bit of frugging, smoking and boozing. This, for me at least, was the beginning of yet another very hedonistic and exhausting weekend of bad behaviour. I’m really starting to feel my age now. When will it end?

There’s a further eight days of You Are Here Festival activity to navigate to - and I’ll be sure to bring you more of the juicy stuff as I get it. Over and out, art fans…


# Matt Pennell responded on 28th September 2004 with...

Having that many photos has thrown the CollyGallery popup layout out of whack - it’s got a massive horizontal scroll on it now.

# Simon Collison responded on 28th September 2004 with...

Bloody IE PC! Looks fine on a Mac, obviously. So, this means that my photogalleries have been looking dodge on PCs then. Brilliant. Sorry, I’m mad at browsers today.

The floats on the clickable numbers obviously need a bit of work. I’ll do it now. Cheers for the tip-off, Matt…

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