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My Top 100 Albums of all time

2nd September 2004

Here’s the first of my Top 100s. Every time I’ve had a few minutes to kill, I’ve been adding to and arranging my list of top 100 albums to date. I realise this is incredibly anal, but I do like a bit of order in my life - and I’m a sucker for lists.

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Hooray for Stylegala’s smallest site

1st September 2004

Trumpet-blowing time, folks. Huge thanks to the nice people at Stylegala for adding our Agenzia company site to their gallery.

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Che Guevara and a Sunday sausage

30th August 2004

After a fat-man’s meal at restaurant/bar Sausage (more on that later) in mega-entertainotropolis The Cornerhouse, Em and I belched our way up the escalators to see new film The Motorcycle Diaries.

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The Libertines new site - version 1

26th August 2004

Boy, we’ve been busy at Agenzia this week. Version one of the new Libertines website has just been launched.

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See you in two weeks!

5th August 2004

Woo-hoo! Shut the Powerbook, roll out the “Out of office” auto-reply, dig out the bucket and spade. I’m having a well-earned rest for the next two weeks, so you can expect nothing new from me until the 23rd August. Yep, even the blog is getting rested. Well, maybe I’ll post the odd thing here and there…

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Question Time: Using H Tags

27th July 2004

Around the table: Richard Rutter, Jason Santa Maria, Andy Budd, Andy Clarke, Mike Davidson, D. Keith Robinson, Jon Hicks and Paul Scrivens.

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News from the cultural frontline

25th July 2004

Your roving cultural correspondant has been out and about in the field this week charting developments in film and sound. Well, I’ve been to see Spiderman 2, listened to some new albums and watched a few DVDs.

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Ticked-off visited links Reloaded

21st July 2004

When CollyLogic launched, I was incredibly surprised by the response to the Ticked-Off Links I created for the sidebar. I should say a massive thank you to the many, many folks who linked to the original tutorial detailing two methods of implementation.

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Portrait of the (former) artist

17th July 2004

I’ve added six new Photo Sets to the site, including a gallery of my artwork, showing paintings, drawings, installations and sculpture from 1996 to 2002. I originally trained as an artist, and after graduating with a Fine Art degree in 1996 I had a number of well-received exhibitions in the UK and Iceland.

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Prevent dynamic collapsing margins

15th July 2004

I’m aware of margin collapsing with CSS. It’s a pain. However, I’ve had a slightly different issue with margins over at IE 6 (PC). Bizarrely, the margins are showing correctly spaced, right up until the user slowly mouses over them.

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