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Illustration for the Nation

28th May 2004

You Are Here is currently in the process of selecting an illustrator to help promote this year’s visual arts festival. Last year it was Nottingham’s number one idiosyncratic illustration machine Jon Burgerman who produced some joyful little characters for the publicity material.

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Background Images Security Flaw?

24th May 2004

Yesterday, Simon Willison posted a short overview of some current visited links methods over at Sitepoint, mentioning the method I use here. Good stuff, but is there a security flaw when using background images with CSS link styles?

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The Tale of the Unloved iMac

21st May 2004

We call him Future Stereo. He may well be inanimate, but I’m concerned about his well being. Disillusioned by being asked to do nothing more than play MP3s all day, the little fella is showing signs of trauma. The story of Little iMac and his marginalization is a sad one. It’s a cathartic thing for me to tell this tale, but is anyone listening to the stereo?

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Ticked Off? Visited Links How-To

18th May 2004

A fresh version of this tutorial is now up, featuring a better, leaner, semantic approach, slimmed-down CSS and just one background image. Ticked-off links Reloaded.

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Beta Band Live: Better Than Ever

13th May 2004

Seems views are split on the new Beta Band album, Heroes To Zeroes. “It’s not The Three E.P’s!”, they wail. No, it’s not - The Three E.P’s is The Three E.P’s - that’s obvious. Others proclaim it as a return to form for the slightly grizzled Scots. Some people haven’t actually listened to it, or don’t know who they are.

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In Southend, United

11th May 2004

Posted via CollyPhone: Images from the University-gang reunion in glamorous Southend-on-Sea recently. Probably a bit ropey seeing as I’m sending them from my mobile, but it’s not the future yet.

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Who Are You Are Here Then?

10th May 2004

Those of you who are nowhere near Nottingham may not be aware of one of my other great passions - You Are Here Visual Arts. You are Here was formed in 1999 by myself and Oliver Wood, and the YAH website finally arrived in July 2001.

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CollyLogic Officially Unveiled!

5th May 2004

Finally, the dust covers are off - welcome to CollyLogic! Expect half-cocked rants and observations about art, music, web design, travel, good people, bad people and ugly people - delivered on an almost daily basis.

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