9th September, 2004

A birthday gig from PJ Harvey

It’s my birthday. I’m thirty-one years old today. It’s a lovely age to be. Typically, I have been celebrating since last Saturday. This is a purely unselfish method of ensuring I get to see all of my friends over the week.

Last night, ace noise minstrel PJ Harvey came to Nottingham’s Rock City to play especially for me. Well, it may have been coincidental, but who cares. Little Polly blasted out a blinding set, dressed in a fine, rather short evening dress, long gloves and flourescent yellow heels - and occasionally strapping on a guitar three sizes too big.

The BlogSnorkeller has just given me a copy of Danny Gregory‘s Everyday Matters - possibly the most beautifully illustrated book I have ever seen! Nice gift. The vast multitude of other gifts have not been delivered yet, although I believe my suspicions about some will be confirmed later today.

Tonight, the gang will gather from far and wide for more light ale in some of Nottingham’s more gentile hostelries. I’m expecting some kind of brutal hangover tomorrow morning. Nothing new I guess. In the meantime, there are three clients we have to reinvent the wheel for today, so I should probably forget the celebrations for a while. Anyway, happy birthday to me…

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