4th July, 2012

A brief update

It’s been a busy few months and I’ve barely had any time to write. As a result, a number of things worth journalling have slipped through the net. To satisfy future me when he returns to this archive, here’s a quick overview regarding Fictive Kin, my presentations, New Adventures, and an award!

Web Personality of the Year

Time to blow my own trumpet. Down in London last week at The Critters Awards I arrived just in time to accept the award for Web Personality of the Year. I’m as embarrassed and humbled as I am delighted and thrilled. Thank you to anyone who voted.

Fictive Kin

So, lots going on in Fictive Land. We launched a new temporary site. In May, we announced our unique deal with Betaworks. At the end of June, we also announced that Analog and Fictive Kin are joining forces.

Work continues apace on numerous wondrous projects and we’re hoping to launch a couple of things this Summer. One of those projects just happens to be the music app I’ve mentioned occasionally, and we’re incredibly excited about that.

Forthcoming talks

Since An Event Apart in Seattle, I’ve recently spoken at Webshaped in Helsinki, at the ESAD art and design school in Porto, and ran another workshop at Interlink in Vancouver. It’s already been a year packed with talks and travel, and there’s more to come:

I’m especially excited about AIGA Design Camp, where I’ll be speaking in remote Minnesota alongside Paula Scher (Pentagram), The Heads of State, and Chip Kidd! Wish me luck.

New Adventures 2013

Yes, the third, and perhaps final, New Adventures in Web Design takes place in Nottingham this coming January. Workshops will take place on the 23rd, the main conference day is the 24th, and screen printing and football are on the 25th. Other frills are planned too. It’ll probably sell out very quickly again, so make sure you don’t miss the news and join the mailing list without delay. It’s gonna be wonderful.

That’s all for now

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. I have started writing a new book, but that’ll probably take ages to pull together. I’ve also stopped smoking, which is driving me nuts, but I’ll succeed this time. I’m also writing blog posts pretty regularly now, but most stay private, and I’ll publish them all together when I feel comfortable with that.

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