21st October, 2006

Best Gig You Ever Experienced?

Last week, in an attempt offset the mammoth workload and do something without pixels, I assembled all of my gig tickets from the last fifteen years.

In doing so, the memories came flooding back and I began to compile my top ten gigs as I went. Not an easy task, I’m bound to have forgotten one, and I’ll probably re-order it at some point, but I think I got there.

My Top Ten Gigs

  1. Primal Scream, Brixton Academy, London, 2000. Supported by Death In Vegas. Oh, man. I have never, ever, ever seen a rock n’ roll performance quite like it. The Scream blows hot and cold live. On that night, they were lava.
  2. Oasis, Rock City, Nottingham, 1994. Their first proper tour, and Definitely Maybe had only just been released. Raw, cocky, and very fucking loud.
  3. Jeff Buckley, Glastonbury, 1995. I saw Jeff Buckley! I saw Jeff Buckley! It was about 4pm, and he was a bit upset that the crowd weren’t getting into it. Imagine if he played now. I just remember melting with joy. I already thought Grace was better than Sargeant Pepper.
  4. Leaves, Hafnarhus, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2004. Beautiful music in a beautiful setting. Leaves decided not to play any of the stuff they’d released and instead played 45 minutes of unheard music. It was undiluted magic.
  5. DJ Shadow, Rock City, Nottingham, 2002. Featured a 50-minute encore! He spent ten minutes in(end)troducing his equipment, before stunning a packed Rock City with three hours of absolute genius. Flawless.
  6. Nirvana, Rock City, Nottingham, 1991. Lucky me, eh? Nevermind had just come out, they were pissed off and played very loud. Sheer class.
  7. Elbow, Glastonbury, 2004. Roasting sunshine smacking the main stage, as Elbow come on and play 50 minutes of unbelievably beautiful music. Breath-taking.
  8. Super Furry Animals, Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 1998. Just after Radiator had been released, and I adored the final three songs on the album. At this gig, they played those three songs in order prior to the encore. Thanks.
  9. Paul Weller, Kilburn National, London, 1998. I lived just around the corner, so it was like he was coming to play for us. I was so close to the stage that I saw the blood on his fingers.
  10. The Verve, Earls Court, London, 1997. Supporting Oasis, who by now had done too much cocaine. 1997 was The Verve’s year, and they were unstoppable. Richard Ashcroft’s voice with Nick McCabe’s guitar work made Zeppelin sound like the Tellytubbies.

Most disappointing? Probably Radiohead at Nottingham Arena. Not really their fault, more the shit audience and soulless stagnant atmosphere of the venue. Oh, and the fact that Thom was bored.

So, I’m itching to know what some of you value from your gigging lives. Any of you shared some of my favourites? Maybe you can vent your vitriol if you attended a piss-poor gig. Leave the code alone for a minute and share your thoughts.

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# Stephen responded on 21st October 2006 with...

Ok, I’ll go first, and then cringe at how much better every else’s choices sound…

Best stadium-sized gig was The White Stripes, Alexandra Palace, November 2005.

After half an hour of constantly moving from song-to-song with nary a breath in-between, I was approaching exhaustion, never mind Jack. Then, at the perfect moment, they changed the pace of the gig, and kept every single audience member with them. It was just masterful stuff.

Best diddy-gig was The Subways, at the Barfly in Cardiff, sometime in the autumn of 2004. I had no idea who they were, but the description “Post-punk blues garage rock” made me think they’d be worth the fiver.

How right I was. They just blew the roof off the place, I’ve never seen anything like it. I spent the next year or so wittering on about them, bought the album as soon as it came out, and was bitterly disappointed. Never mind.

# Jaro responded on 21st October 2006 with...

Great list you have there. I envy you the Nirvana gig the most. And Oasis in their best years must have been a blast too.

There is nothing worse than a bad Radiohead concert. I saw them in Berlin 2003 and Thom was really pissed off. It was the year when USA attacked Iraq and Thom went nuts. He didn’t say anything during the whole concert except “Bush Out” which Jonny recorded and sampled in the next song. On the other hand, this year in Copenhagen was really heart touching.

I wish I could visit good concerts more often but no one comes to Scandinavia. Yeah, UK is the music paradise.

OK, enough ranting, my best concert ever would be Sigour R�s in Helsinki 2005.

# Francis responded on 21st October 2006 with...

Wilco, Astoria on the A Ghost Is Born tour.  Stunning gig, Tweedy was in a really good mood, great set list, the band were tight and the sound was the best I’ve ever heard and what’s probably my favourite London venue.  Now that I think about it, Kathleen Edwards at The Borderline was a great gig as well.  Really on form, really tight band, funny anecdotes.  It’s a very close-run thing between those two.

I envy you the Leaves and Jeff Buckley gigs - at least, all being well,  I’ll get a chance to see Leaves.

Worst gig: Grandaddy at the Astoria on the Sumday tour.  Poor sound, the band played everything in sync to some back projections so it was all perfectly timed, lifeless and like hearing a louder version of their albums.  Appalling.

# Michael responded on 21st October 2006 with...

Humph, kids.

1971: Deep Purple. In a small college gym. It was so loud we were deaf for hours.

# Mearso responded on 21st October 2006 with...

The Fall in Cardiff Students Union on the Frenz Experiment tour, Immediately after, I sought out a friend of my older sister (who I also fancied ) and taped all their albums. Mark E Smith is fantastic-ah.

Dinosaur Jr, Rapemanm and The Band of Susans in Pill Workmen’s Hall in Newport. I just remember them all being ‘in the zone’ as I believe the kids say these days.

# Ian Lloyd responded on 21st October 2006 with...

A band that not many people in the UK know but are adored in Aus: John Butler Trio. Once heard, never forgotten, and to hear a live rendition of Ocean is something else. I saw them at the Carling Apollo in London last year and it was trul y the *best* live gig I’ve seen (although I can’t claim to have seen as many as you, Simon!)

Highly recommended

# Gerard Blake responded on 21st October 2006 with...

Stiff Little Fingers at Glasgow Barrowlands on St Patricks Day.  This years gig has been released on CD “Fifteen and Counting… Live at the Barrowland 17th March 2006”


# Nick Cowie responded on 21st October 2006 with...

My top ten contains lots of local and interstate bands playing local pubs and clubs in Perth Western Australia.

Two odd ones out, Stone Roses in 1995. Saw them one night with 1200 other people, so good I got tickets for the next night (through the ticket office) and they were even better. Just amazing.

And Bowie 1984, one of my brother’s mates rang him up and asked if he wanted to go, my brother said no, I asked where was the tickets, the mate said the third row, I quickly borrowed the required cash. My brother is an idiot.

And I seconded Ian Lloyd’s choice of John Bulter. A solo John Bulter and Chris Bailey (the Saints)  gig just missed my top ten.  And that is out of close to a thousand gigs.

# Maaike responded on 21st October 2006 with...

The best: the Arcade Fire last year at the Lowlands festival (The Netherlands). Very intense and full of energy.
Second: Coldplay in 2001 at The Cavern, Exeter (UK). They weren’t very famous back then and I like being able to say: “Oh, Coldplay are an okay band, but they sound best in a very small venue” :-)

# Chris McLeod responded on 22nd October 2006 with...

Muse, in a teeny-tiny sweatbox of a club, not long after Showbiz was released. ‘Twas ace. Can’t really say much else about it.

Other notables include:

* Iron Maiden (Glasgow SECC, Brave New World tour)
* Therapy? (Aberdeen Lemon Tree, not long before the best-of album came out)
* Idlewild (Many times. Best was probably Aberdeen Music hall just after 100 Broken Windows)
* Slipknot (SECC again; Iowa tour)
* The Wildhearts (Aberdeen Lemon Tree again, just after their Karma in the North single)

# Simon Collison responded on 22nd October 2006 with...

Wilco, Idlewild, Arcade Fire, Muse, Stiff Little Fingers, Bowie - my readers are the best!

Jaro: Sigur Ros? So very, very jealous. One of my all-time fave bands. Agaetis Byrjun is in my top three albums of all time. Lucky man.

Nick: You saw The Stone Roses? Oh, wow. Although in 1995 they were well past their best. To have seen them in 1989/90 would be my dream. Impressed though. I was supposed to see them at Glastonbury in 1995, but John Squire had broken his collarbone falling off his mountain bike (the tit), so Pulp filled in. That Pulp gig is my #11, or maybe should have been in my Top Ten.

Mearso: Thank you for writing your comment with a Mark E Smith-ism at the end. Enjoyed that-ah.

Ian: Never heard of the John Butler Trio. You must think I’m a loser. Anyway, I just watched the video you sent me. Wow! that guy is talented indeed. Nice recommendation.

Did i say that I saw jeff Buckley? I saw Jeff Buckley!!! Nirvana? I saw Nirvana. Gloat over.

# Simon Clayson responded on 22nd October 2006 with...

This is a proper list. Primal Scream are at one point genius, next, shambolic and embarrasiing. It’s a fine line. SFA in 1998 were very good. My vote for The Verve goes back to 1995 at Glastonbury around tea-time. They were still called Verve then, they had just released their best album (still their best) - A Northern Soul - and were just about to split. It was quite intense stuff, McCabe’s amp broke down and Ashcroft demanded the show go on.

Struggle to think of a favourite but I’ve always a fond memory of Stereolab at The Clinton Rooms, Nottingham in 1995. I think the venue is now a kiddies bar where grown men drink cider with 10-ton of ice in. Whats that all about?

# Blair Millen responded on 22nd October 2006 with...

Three gigs in particular always remain with me as very memorable (the exact years are a bit fuzzy):

1. 1992 - James supported by Radiohead at The Barrowlands in Glasgow
2. 1993 - Sebadoh at King Tuts in Glasgow
3. 1994 - Elastica with Ash and Shriek in support at Glasgow Garage

# Nick Cowie responded on 22nd October 2006 with...

The Stone Roses was Sep or Oct 1995, after John Squire recovered from his broken collarbone (mountain bikes do that you, I have broken both). It might of been the first two gigs post injury, Even though no Mani, they played a good gig, then followed it up next night with an incredible gig. (and it was in tiny venue for them at that time)

Nirvana, yes I am jealous, I had tickets for them in 1991 (my father in law won them for me), and then they cancelled.

# Nick Cowie responded on 22nd October 2006 with...

brainfade it was Reni missing from the Roses lineup not Mani

# Darren Nicholls responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

The Verve, Haigh Hall, Wigan 1998. A home coming gig just truly, amazing. With Beck as the support band.Words cannot describe it.

The White Stripes, Blackpool 2005. Didn’t know what to expect but it wasn’t that. Where does the man get all that energy from, I was truly awestruck with the performance.

# Malarkey responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

Believe it or not, the bestest ever was Queen at Milton Keynes Bowl a zillion years ago. I think there is a DVD of it out there; I’m the guy 14 miles from the stage! ;)

# Tom responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

I have every ticket stub since about 1987 - the first being Beastie Boys, Fishbone & Murphy’s Law in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

- Firehose, Omaha Nebraska 1990
- Bad Brains, Omaha Nebraska 1990
- Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Omaha Nebraska 1991
- L7, House of Pain, Beastie Boys, Omaha Nebraska 1992
- Primus, Lolapalooza Iowa City 1993
- Rage Against the Machine, Red Rocks Colorado 1996
- Tool, Red Rocks Colorado 2001
- Mastodon, Rose Theater, Portland Oregon 2005

So that’s pretty close to 10.  The other Tool shows could round it out.

# Andrew K. responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

Mr Bungle in ~2000 at a tiny, dingy little club that held maximum 250 people. (Gold Coast, Australia)
Manic, sweaty, loud, insane and note-for-note perfect. Everything a Bungle fan could have hoped for.

# Simon responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

The Best:
Foo Fighters at Rock City, Nottingham 1997 - They had just released The Colour and The Shape. It was my first gig, and in a way, set me up for a lot of disappointing gigs ever since… Doves, also at Rock City, 2005 were fantastic. I couldn’t hear anything except a buzzing in my ears the day after. They were also supported by the Magic Numbers, just before they released their first album, and they are stunning live, absolutely brilliant.

The Worst:
Worst gig - Leeds festival, 2001 (I think). I saw Daphne & Celeste get showered with half-filled bottles of piss raining down on them from a crowd that weren’t impressed that they’d drafted them in to replace Eminem (who wisely cancelled at the last minute); Placebo were miserable, a huge thunderstorm cracked off overhead, and to finish the evening, an extremely disinterested Stereophonics played their album-by-numbers set. They might have well have just put one of their CDs on and gone for a brew… I wish they had - I could have gone home earlier…

Also - Saw Amy Winehouse at Rock City, 2004. It was completely the wrong venue for her, she got the hump with the crowd (for being noisy!?!) and told us ‘I’ll do the rest of my set, then I’m off’, and threw a diva strop.

# Anthony responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

Being a reformed diehard clubmonkey I didn’t go to gigs until I was in my early 20’s. I saw plenty of good DJ sets though… John Peel being one excellent example.

Grand Master Flash playing at a packed out tiny Zanzibar in Liverpool was also awesome.

My first gig was Roots Manuva, and was OK… since then some of my faves have been:

Franz Ferdinand at the Manchester Apollo (just as they blew up big)

The Stands, again at the Zanzi, in what turned out to be one of their last proper gigs (though we also saw them do a weird midday session after).

And The Zutons (who are always special) a couple Christmas’s ago… where the Stands were supporting and blew us away before the Zuuts even got on stage

I’m also expecting special things for this week with a special double header of The Raconteurs on Wednesday at Liverpool Uni, and Saturday we’ve scored tickets for the Fratellis in Manchester - which should be simply awesome.

I must stop whittering now.

# Anthony responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

Just thought… my worst was Badly Drawn Boy, I have every respect for the guy and love him to bits, but when we saw him last it was at the start of this self-doubting depression thing he seems to be stuck in.

He played his new album track-for-track because ‘he was told to’ and by the end he had officially announced his retirement…

# Sam H responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

Not been to that many gigs to be honest. I’ll reel off the best bands I’ve seen (most of which were at Leeds Festival ‘02):

The Prodigy,  Nofx, Amen, The White Stripes, The Hives, Aphex Twin, Alex Empire, The Offspring, Goldfinger, Less Than Jake.

Then more recently this year, Kaiser Chiefs, Graham Coxon and Polysics Live at Leeds Millenium Square. Brilliant night!

# Simon Clayson responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

Ah yes, The Stone Roses - Leicester 1995. Very very loud and I think they were on form that night. Full original line-up at Glastonbury in the next few years would wipe the floor with every current pop/rock combo still. Probably. But then I hope it never happens also.

# Simon Collison responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

Crikey, there’s some scary hard rock stuff going on up there. Fascinating stuff, readers. You’ve had me digging deep into iTunes to hear some of these bands again.

Darren: I wish I’d seen The Verve at Haigh Hall. I remember it being a big event, all over Radio 1 and the telly that day. Seen clips from it on their amazing 96-98 video and tour comp, which has the best versions of Come On and Life’s An Ocean - what a tight band.

Malarkey: I still have Queen live at Wembley, 1986, somewhere on video. Nobody can say they’re not an amazing live band. I had all the albums as a kid.

Anthony: Badly Drawn Damon asked me if I liked Jeff Buckley backstage at Rock City after a shit gig. I said “Yes, I do”, and he said “Good”. That was that. Boring.

Simon Clayson: Oh Lord, please let the Stone Roses never, ever reform. As if the mid-Nineties didn’t tarnish the reputation enough. Does anyone actually think Mani would turn up, considering how much fun he’s having in the Scream? Mind you, that Ian brown tune F.E.A.R is a good un, isn’t it? I saw The Seahorses once. Fucking appalling - John Squire was morphing into a pub-style Jimmy Page. I went to the bar.

Simon Rudkin: Mate, you are rock (and folk) royalty. What a list. Mind you, Spike Island was shit wasn’t it? I’m told it was anyway. Still wish I’d been there amidst the E’s and the fumes. Jealous of your entire list - especially Micah P Hinson and the Eden project gig.

Anyway, I missed off some good gigs. I blame not having ticket stubs:

- Radiohead, Glastonbury 1997. My goodness.
- Pulp, Glastonbury 1995. My giddy aunt.
- Adem, in the Guardian tent at Glastonbury 2004. Eek!
- SFA, Glastonbury 1997. Mud, rain and my first SFA gig. The Man Don’t Give a (squelch) Fuck!
- Quarashi, NASA, Iceland. Way to shake a room!
- Quarashi, Reykjavik harbour, millennium midnight. The entire population of Reykjavik go tits!
- Kings of Leon, Glastonbury 2004. Not a big fan, but they supported Oasis on the main stage and were shitting themselves (they said so, and you could tell). Rabbits caught in headlights. That night I loved them.

# Simon Clayson responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

SFA Glastonbury 97. The mud, that orange kagool, and the only time I’ve ever seen SFA play ‘Gathering Moss’. Also that year, yes The Seahorses, the whole field emptied. However, I did catch the Shirehorses on the stage that sank a couple of hours later. Genius. Someone also nicked my wallet that year. I’ve never been back. And my wallet never turned up.

I don’t think and don’t want the Roses will reform, but the subject will just go on forever. It’s too much of a gamble. Would Mani turn up? Yes, would you turn up to play the bass intro on ‘Adored’?

There’s a theme running through these comments that most bands/artists peak early in their careers. Well, I saw Mercury Rev supporting Ride in 1991. They were appalling. And there’s a theme running through these comments with people showing their age.

# Simon Collison responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

From YouTube…

- The Verve: Come On, Detroit. What a tight, loud, perfect performance.

- Jeff Buckley: What Will You Say?, Glasto 95. Did I say I was there?!

- Radiohead: Talk Show Host, Glasto 97. Wow.

- Pulp: Common People, Glasto 95. Blimey.

- The Stone Roses: Waterfall (well early clip, not on any videos I don’t think) introduced by Tony “Wilson, you Cunt!”.*

* 24 Hr Party People reference…

# Simon responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

Knew I’d forgotten one - Simon Clayson just brought them to mind - I saw The Shirehorses at Liverpool Uni. They were their own warm-up act, which was a bizarre cabaret act. Quality, missing Mark and Lard, especially since the replacements on Radio 1 are so cack.

# Simon Collison responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

Simon D: Not the double act any more, but still master of the airwaves. A fix of this sorts me out a treat. Radio 2: Mark Radcliffe (note M + L archive on there too). Still very funny, still great guests and music. Lard is on 6 Music too, so maybe you could play both streams at the same time.

# Lee Hickman responded on 23rd October 2006 with...

Shack - November 1999 - The Social Nottingham

Opening night of the best bar in Nottingham. The gig was so good I didn’t go back to work until January 2000.

The Strokes - June 2001 - The Social Nottingham

250 people in a very small venue a month after the strokes had been named the best band in the world, like ever, by the NME.

The White Stripes - July 2001 - The Social Nottingham

250 people in a very small venue a month after the strokes were no longer the best band in the world, like ever. The white stripes were now the kings of the world (according to the NME!)

Elbow - August 2001 - Leeds festival

Stunning. 4pm in the afternoon, a few people in a tent. Powder blue sounded amazing.

Mogwai - August 2001 - Leeds festival

Last band on the Sunday night. It was a lesson in how to use feedback to fry the brains of your monged out audience.

Evan Dando - February 2004 - Perth Entertainment Centre balcony / WA

A beatiful summers evening overlooking the Swan River in Western Australia. Unforgettable.

Doves - Glastonbury 2003

The sun was setting, the beer was flowing. It was brilliant.

Coldplay - Glastonbury 2003

Stunning. No one had heard the new album and they just came out and nailed it. I observed Grown men crying. Very strange!

Oasis - June/July 2005 - Hammersmith Apollo

Small gig to warm up for the huge stadium tour. Managed to see an Oasis gig where Liam wasn’t shouting, the band sounded ace and they played a greatest hits set to about 1000 people.

# Simon Campbell responded on 24th October 2006 with...

In my top twenty: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Leeds Festival 2003 on the Evening Session Stage. I was jammed against the barrier being lashed with gravelly bass and lazy beats. Sweat, loud, intense pure Rock and Roll. Followed by the Mighty Cooper Temple Clause…Will Jesus ever come back home??

# Lee Hickman responded on 24th October 2006 with...

I forgot one.

Rod Stewart - 1996

It is pretty much the same story as Nick Cowie’s story way above. Somehow I had the chance to watch Rod The Mod and I took it. I knew every song, he performed every song and he made me walk back to my lodgings with a big lump in my throat. No, people I hadn’t been gang raped or jumped. Rod was just fuckin’ amazing.

# Simon Collison responded on 24th October 2006 with...

Lee: Good to share that Oasis gig at Hammersmith Apollo with you. You’re right, Liam was singing. Amazing. I must also admit to liking a bit of Rod Stewart - specifically the Unplugged… and Seated album featuring Ronnie Wood. Genius.

Simon Campbell: Oh, Cooper Temple Clause nearly made my Ten. They were incredible at Rock City - just after the first album came out. Supported by Danish songsmiths Mew, who we had never heard of - and they were possibly even better! Their Frengers album is magic.

Incidentally, after you introduced me to the Mother of the chap from The Horrors, I’ve seen them on telly two nights running. Mental band.

Also saw BRMC at Glastonbury late on a Sunday. I was too tired to go see Morrissey on the main stage (where 99% of the festival were), so 1% of us watched them. Quality.

# Simon Campbell responded on 24th October 2006 with...

Another from my top twenty: Pink Floyd 1973. I was 16 and they had images back projected on a circular screen - that in itself was amazing: I had just bought the album. The musicianship and sound was stunning for those days and they all looked so HAIRY. Its unbelievable to think that I was there on that tour when the album went on to sell 30m. The songs still stand up for me. I haven’t listened to it for a while. Think I will stick the kettle on and give it a listen…

# Chris McLeod responded on 24th October 2006 with...

Another couple of good’uns:

* Capdown @ Lava in Aberdeen (now called ‘Kef’), in 2003 I think. Played two nights, and I went to both. First was so full you couldn’t move. Top notch bouncing fun.
* B Movie Heroes, again @ Lava, for their first time I think? Can’t remember too much - I spent the night getting plastered, rocking out and chatting up the local “Rock Grrrls”, then down to the nearest rock club for more of the same. Ah, for the simpler times…

There’s also been a whole load of ‘local band’ gigs. Too numerous to recall, really.

Worst gig ever was Placebo @ Aberdeen Music Hall. They totally couldn’t be arsed, and it showed. Someone threw an open, half-empty bottle of water at the bassist cos they were so shit. They threw a strop and threatened never to come back to the city. Thankfully they’ve stayed true to their word as far as I know.

# WhereIsThatDeafGuy responded on 24th October 2006 with...

* Pink Floyd, October 1987, JFK Stadium (Philadelphia, PA). This was my first time to see a concert and I can only say it was incredibly phenomenal.

* U2, October 1987, Carrier Dome (Syracuse, NY). My friends and I were looking forward to seeing U2. The Edge’s guitar playing was pretty awesome to see. However, the Carrier Dome venue itself produced terrible sounds and it wasn’t an ideal place for them to play in if you want really LOUD sounds. 

* Bruce Cockburn, 1998, some small bar in Syracuse, NY. I had never heard of this Canadian folk musician until my older brother asked me if I would be interested in seeing him play. Let’s just say I was totally blown away by watching a one-man show! He had so many talents and he was amazing. 

* Ani DiFranco, 1999, some performance art center in Binghamton, NY. One word: wow. Another folk musician, like Cockburn, her songwriting talents and the group’s sounds were very unique and very original. 

* Steve Miller Band, 1988, State University of New York at Binghamton’s East Gym (Binghamton, NY). I knew Steve Miller was a legend and he produced a lot of great hits in the 70’s. However, this was the worst concert I ever went to with my brother and his friends because of the venue and poor sounds. 

@Ian Lloyd: John Butler Trio is AWESOME! I would love to catch their gig “live” if they are planning to tour int he U.S. I first saw them on TV about two years ago. John Butler just blew me away with his acoustic guitar skills and it’s quite phenomenal to see. Did you ever see the size of his “guitar pick” fingernails?

# Phil Wright responded on 24th October 2006 with...

Many fun mornings spent with no hearing and a sore neck after many fun nights at gigs.

The stand out events:

Rage Against the Machine (with Tool supporting), Manchester Ritz 1993.
The whole place went off, you had to go upstairs to get out of the moshpit, which was made more entertaining for being on a sprung dance floor.

Massive Attack, Manchester Apollo 2003
Crushingly loud. The best video/motion graphics I have seen since the Bill Viola work for NIN and Sinead O’Connor doing guest vocals. Fantastic!

Other honourable mentions: Rollins Band, G Love and the Special Sauce (G Love is too cool for school), Body Count, Helmet, Tool everytime I’ve seen them.

# Alex responded on 28th October 2006 with...

I hope my band, Anaura will make someones list :)

Best show…hmmm

The Cardigans with Kent
at the Filmore in San Francisco, February 20, 1999

You’ve inspired me to try EE when I redesign my band’s website.


# Lee Hickman responded on 29th October 2006 with...

New one.

J.Spaceman at St.Mary’s Church Nottingham last Thursday.

It was just special.

# Eddie responded on 1st November 2006 with...

Ohh, this is fun.

Best: The Clash, Aylesbury, Xmas 1978 (yep. Old Bastard Alert). The Slits were support - vg too.
Crass 1979/80 (memory gone). For atmosphere & crowd unpredictability. Knew & stood by bloke shouting ‘Play Securicor you fucking bastards’ recorded on their live album.
Early James - 1995 (?) Bristol free gig. Drummer was excellent.
Stiff Little Fingers, 1978-9, Aylesbury.
New Order early 1980s - hit & miss but vg on their night.

Worst: Siousie & Banshees, Aylesbury, 1978 - awful on stage, stuck up bitch. Got shit kicked out of me by skinheads on way home: 6-1 is always fair odds.
Queen & David Bowie, MK Bowl (1980?) - what was I doing there?
Crass, Red Lion Square in 1979 - just one massive brawl. V scarey!

I could go on if brain cells would allow.

# Static responded on 2nd November 2006 with...

2006, 26th of October, Campo Pequeno bullring, Lisbon, Portugal.

MUSE, the best band in the whole world!!!

Then I’ll be like 90 years old(if earth will still exist by that time) and I’ll still remember that day(if i don’t get Alzheimer or something) , the people, the lights, the smell of sweat, the mosh and how Matt Bellamy raised his hand and pointed to the sky in the end of “Take a Bow”...

****in amazing!

# Leezig responded on 3rd November 2006 with...

1. Cardiacs : Liverpool Krazy House 1991?
2. Rammstein : MEN Arena Jan 2005
3. System of a Down : MEN Arena July 2005
4. Butthole Surfers : Reading Festival 1989(?)
5. Cardiacs : St Helens Citadel 1992

1. The Damned (sans Sensible) Preston Guild Hall 1985

# Reclame responded on 7th November 2006 with...

Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Paradiso Amsterdam - 2002