18th June, 2011

Brooklyn Superhero Supply

Last week during my sixth trip to New York, I finally made it to the wonderful Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., purveyors of high quality crimefighting merchandise.

Deep in Brooklyn at 372 5th Avenue, the Superhero Supply Store is a warehouse of incredible powers and tools for the discerning hero. Shelves are packed with boxes and tins of dangerous powders and potions to help crimefighters like me take our skills to the next level of mega-awesomeness, or whatever.

Tin of Intelligence

Figure 1: A tin of Intelligence from Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.

As fellow crimefighter Greg browsed the stocks of blaster helmets, alien drones, mind rays, aqua tanks, capes and masks, I bagged a tin of Antimatter (for unspecified reasons), plus a few other secret items. For my friends newborn “Super Jack” I purchased a large tin of Intelligence to help him on his way. Seems like a decent present for a little baby.

The Superhero Oath

Before leaving, I silently took the Superhero oath as the storekeeper (some dude on his first shift, apparently) exchanged my currency for new powers. If you’re wondering what my crimefighter alias is, take note that I am “The Collision”. Note the extra “i” there. I’m kind of like The Thing in that I am super-strong and can knock trucks over and all that sort of high-strength behaviour.

Superhero Supply Co

Figure 2: Mr. Wood browses the myriad options at the Superhero Supply Co.

The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. isn’t just for kicks. The income supports 826NYC, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to supporting students ages 6-18 with their creative and expository writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write. Access is through a secret door apparently, but I couldn’t find that as it’s, erm… secret.

Wait, I’m a monster. No, a pirate…

Not a superhero, but still in need of supplies for your alter-ego? No problem. I am reliably informed that other similar outlets exist for all your non-human or seafaring needs.

Mortal Terror

Figure 3: Mortal Terror from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies.

In old London town, there is Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, presenting a pharmacopoeia of everything you monsters might need, including tins of Mortal Terror, jars of thickest human snot and brain jam, and other ghoulish essentials.

In San Francisco, there’s the Pirate Store, which David Byrne describes as “Definitely one of the top five pirate stores I’ve been to recently.”

If you, dear mortal, are aware of any other trading outlets of similar niche materials, do let me know…

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