8th December, 2008

Building Beautiful Websites with EE—a FOWD workshop from Erskine Design

We’re very excited to announce that our man Jamie Pittock will be leading a fantastic workshop at the third Future Of Web Design in London on May 1st 2009.

Its a killer, bringing together our passion for building beautiful websites with <a href="http://www.expressionengine.com/index.php?affiliate=collylogic"">ExpressionEngine into the not unsurprisingly titled Building Beautiful Websites with ExpressionEngine half-day workshop.

At Erskine we’re all black belts with EE as you may know. However, our Jamie is (in my opinion) second to none with it, and an excellent designer. He’s even the Erskine EE Quality Controller. If I could have anyone teach me the smarter ways of using EE, it’d be Jamie. We receive many requests to share our EE secrets, and this is the perfect opportunity to get a window into our way of doing things. Here is the workshop blurb:

Building Beautiful Websites with ExpressionEngine

<a href="http://www.expressionengine.com/index.php?affiliate=collylogic"">ExpressionEngine (EE) has become known as the publishing platform praised by both developers and designers alike.  Developers love it’s extendability while designers are blown away by it’s powerful but flexible templating system. This workshop will show you tried and tested techniques that help teams build beautiful websites with EE. 

What You’ll Learn

Full details.

Hurry, hurry!

We reckon that this will sell out fast, such is the buzz around using EE over the last few months. Head on over to the Future Of Web Design site and get yourself booked.

See you there?

Just about all of us from Erskine are planning to attend FOWD London yet again, so we’ll hopefully see some of you in the workshop, at the conference - and in the pubs.


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