28th October, 2010

Campaign Monitor templates

The folks at Campaign Monitor approached me and a number of other designers earlier this year with a special project in mind. The results finally launched last week, delivering a number of free templates for anyone to use.

Every template has been thoroughly tested in more than twenty popular email clients like Outlook 2010, Gmail, Lotus Notes, Apple Mail, the iPhone, and more. They’re ready to roll and are completely free. Included with every template is the Campaign Monitor template, the HTML template, and the original PSD.

Dozens of designs

Alongside my own efforts you’ll also find free templates from ace designers such as 45 Royale, Elliot Jay Stocks, Meagan Fisher, Metalab, Mike Kus, Newism, and Veerle Pieters. Blimey.

My templates

I absolutely loved this project, and despite the limitations of designing HTML newsletters, I found a lot of scope to be really creative with textures, type, and colour. I produced five different sets for the project, with names such as Misty Meadow, Retro Stripes, Old Ornament, and Harbour Coat.

Campaign Monitor Template

In a year where I broke away from my own company to focus on more challenging personal design projects, this was a real blast. I think, all in all, that the one above is my favourite of the set. It’s called Retro Green and I packed the thing with layers and tiny details.

Campaign Monitor Template

So, go take a look at the numerous free Campaign Monitor templates and give them a whirl. They’re robust, made with love, and might make that client request to create a new HTML template that little bit more bearable.

I know some of you hate the very idea of HTML newsletters, but do put your vitriol to one side for a moment. Many folks value services like Campaign Monitor immensely, and this project is a gift for them.


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