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More Nottingham gig artwork - Jay Ryan (Bird Machine)

3rd February 2008

Earlier today I wrote about Chris Summerlin’s brilliant gig posters, and he and I had discussed the work of The Bird Machine - a Chigago-based outfit led by Jay Ryan - responsible for quite a few Nottingham posters.

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Official gig poster art by Chris Summerlin

2nd February 2008

Top Nottingham-based illustrator Chris Summerlin just delivered nine of his incredible gig posters in person. And a fine chap he is too. After ordering my prints, it turned out that Chris lived one street away from me in Sneinton! Small world.

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Ágætis Byrjun

9th January 2008

Eight years ago, I spent the Millennium Eve week in a tiny chocolate-box house by the lake in Reykjavik’s old town. I’d just split from my Icelandic girlfriend (Hi Erla) of two years, and I was down. Really down.

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Goodbye Pixelsurgeon

24th November 2007

A friend of seven years is no more. At times it was the best site on the interwebs. More recently it’s contributors were too stretched to keep on top of it. Yet always it was fun, full-on and fucking brilliant.

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They found my lack of faith disturbing…

26th October 2007

Earlier today on Broad Street…

Aggressive new policing in Nottingham.

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5th October 2007

Anton Corbijn’s biopic about Joy Division’s Ian Curtis - Control - was filmed mostly in Nottingham, because my city is grim and looks like the seventies.

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3rd October 2007

For seven or eight months, we have been slogging our guts out on two or three vast projects, perhaps the biggest being a major rebuild and redesign for frieze Magazine - Europe’s #1 art magazine.

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29th September 2007

This is quite possibly the most beautiful film trailer I have ever seen, for the forthcoming feature length film about the wonderful Sigur Ros (about whom I have written too many times to mention). Makes me pine for those old Icelandic summer gatherings at Thorsmork…

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The US launch of the iPhone has put the rest of us three months behind, and I’m cross

6th September 2007

I spent the last hour writing a long rant about how every developer outside of the US is now on catch-up.

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Our Love To Admire

24th July 2007

I guess I should say something about the latest Interpol album, seeing as I’ve just played it three times in a row. I’ve already written about this band on several occasions, and I suppose I’m knee-jerking to the middling reviews in the UK press for their third album. In a nutshell, the average review is wrong, and I am entirely right. It is perfect.

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