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@Media Europe 2007 - the usual long-winded rambling overview

10th June 2007

Well, that had to be the best @Media to date. The general consensus was that this year’s conference was a belter on all counts, and personally I thought the presentations were particularly optimistic and positive. Again I’ve got my post-conference verve and spirit back, and can’t wait to plough into the workload tomorrow.

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Sadly, nobody managed to see into the future, but we had fun trying…

20th April 2007

Some week. A family bereavement, four London meetings, one client workshop, speaking in front of 800 people, and catching a heavy cold (off either Andy Clarke or Jeff Croft I believe) have left me feeling quite drained as this week draws to a close. Still, I’m back in the office drawstringing things together, and I’d like to post a few of my feelings about the Future Of Web Design conference hosted by the Carson Systems gang in London on 18th April.

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To offset tumbleweeds, Colly resorted to posting a load of links on his blog - again

24th March 2007

Bereft of anything useful to post (well, I got plenty but I can’t really talk about most of it yet) I might as well collate a few random links for your pleasure or disdain - bits and pieces that I’ve enjoyed over the past week. Sorry about the lack of style round here, by the way. I’ve stripped most of the crap out of the site ready for a major redesign coming some time in Spring. Anyway…

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The Laziest Music Monthly Ever

28th January 2007

For those that email and ask me what happened to Music Monthlies, I bring you a lazy update. No links, no info, just my January playlist. New bands, or old bands with good new albums.

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Crestock Photoshop Competition

24th November 2006

I’m happy to be one of the judges for the Crestock Photoshop Competition, where the Norway-based stock photo site are giving away a MacPro with Dual 30” Cinema HD Displays, a MacBook Pro, a MacBook, and some iPods, each week for the next month.

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What really matters…

25th July 2006

I found myself again over the weekend. It took 400 driven miles, 15 walked miles, 2000 feet of ascent and my two best friends to track me down, but I’m delighted to announce that I’m back.

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Why the World Cup matters

7th June 2006

This video of the greatest team goal ever scored explains the importance of football. The final goal in Brazil’s 4-1 demolition of Italy in the 1970 World Cup final combined sublime skill with telepathic teamwork in a move that symbolises the wonder of the best team that ever was.

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Burgerman + Germans = Perfection

24th May 2006

The Germans are very efficient - we all know that. Precision detail, lack of compromise, high standards. Today I took delivery of a wonderful printed canvas from my friend Jon Burgerman, all the way from Germany.

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Launch of the Flying Cat

29th March 2006

One for the toy collectors here. The Flying Cat site has finally launched, featuring some of the best character designers in the world, and showcasing their unique collectable toys.

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Character illustration/designer toys

10th March 2006

Aside from web stuff and general waffle, I’m going to post a lot more about another of my passions from now on - namely character illustration and designer toys. I’ve long been a fan of the world’s greatest character designers, which probably stems from a childhood love of Marvel and Hanna Barbera creations.

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