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Dad’s tree

18th May 2009

On an eerily foggy day in May, we laid my Dad to rest at the head of the Hope Valley. Just myself, my Mam, and a lone crow that arrived at the beginning, stayed throughout, then left as we did.

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Climb the mountains…

4th May 2009

I recently realised that the main thing missing from my life over the “web years” has been my love and understanding of the mountains and national parks. With this in mind, I made a return trip up my beloved Kinderscout for the first time in years today, a sort of “training” trip prior to the bigger fells of the Lake District next week.

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I am not John Cleese

27th November 2008

OK. Lets start this post about my book Beginning CSS Web Development with one of my favourite reviews.

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Twenty posts in one

29th July 2008

This is at least twenty long posts all rolled into one handy list, so be grateful for small mercies. Its basically an excuse to list the books, TV, bands, experiences and stuff that I have in some way absorbed over the last two months or so.

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An industry defined by accountability and technology will suffocate without idiosyncrasy

6th June 2008

Broad discussion about our industry is a tinderbox that I like to keep my burning roll-up well away from these days. The problem is, I bottle my thoughts up for so long that during weeks like this I just burst.

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Tanks, troops and terror

16th March 2008

Having spent a comfortable Sunday morning reading the newspapers and pondering how best to use my freedom on this wet day, I began to feel compelled to write about the worrying reports coming out of Tibet, a country an “autonomous region” that I have spent many years reading about, hoping to one day visit before its whole identity and heritage is obliterated…

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Colly’s design-related analogy for the day

12th February 2008

The difference between bad web design and good web design can be compared to the difference between my Dad going for a walk, and Richard Long going for a walk.

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Don’t POSH me

17th January 2008

As a rule, I am against forced acronyms. Take my least favourite - POSH. POSH is just awful.

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Do you have any puffin?

10th January 2008

So, I’m doing a lot more cooking these days, and learning about food rather than just eating it. My kitchen confidence has taken a knock over the last few years, but I’m back. Anyway, as part of this belly-pleasing pursuit, and to satisfy my desire to recreate some of the amazing meals I ate whilst living in Iceland, I tracked down a book called Icelandic Food and Cookery, which looks great.

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Found typography

9th January 2008

I’ve finally started a Found Typography Flickr set, just like every other designer.

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