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Two years on, here’s another rant about the state of blogging

6th January 2008

Have you noticed how many of us who have been blogging for a long time are gradually doing a whole lot less of it? I have, and I totally understand.

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The Saga of the Interwebs

18th December 2007

Seven years into the new Millennium, an approximate 26,328 task forces, 3,402 unworking groups, and 5 fantasy comic book heroes are in existence on Earth. The unofficial and invented 2007 consensus of the interwebs discovered that of these 29,735 unworking groups, task forces and comic book heroes, the average working interweb developer was aware of two task forces, 1 working group and a full 5 comic book heroes, but still could not explain what any of them did.

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They found my lack of faith disturbing…

26th October 2007

Earlier today on Broad Street…

Aggressive new policing in Nottingham.

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5th October 2007

Anton Corbijn’s biopic about Joy Division’s Ian Curtis - Control - was filmed mostly in Nottingham, because my city is grim and looks like the seventies.

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The US launch of the iPhone has put the rest of us three months behind, and I’m cross

6th September 2007

I spent the last hour writing a long rant about how every developer outside of the US is now on catch-up.

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How Erskine Design is growing into a greener agency

22nd May 2007

For some time I’ve been one of those people who recycles my waste and cares about the environment. When I worked at Agenzia the boys had initiated some good recycling policies and I was impressed that people in a small business would care. Nowadays, since starting Erskine Design, I’m verging on the obsessive about running an ethical, “green” business.

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Music Monthlies: May 2007 - Bumper Spring Issue!

5th May 2007

Everyone’s least favourite irregular regular column is back, by popular demand (well, several emails and a few CDs through the post). Yes, after a hiatus of some months due to over-work, family woes and all manner of stress, I’ve dragged my Music Monthlies back into the slimelight, kickstarting a Summer of wearing my musical discovery on my mucky sleeve. I’ve quite a backlog, so get a pot of tea on and settle in. Oh, your lucky ears…

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Straight to the Point

30th January 2007

I’m in Edinburgh again, just over two years since my first visit to Scotland. This time around it is purely for business reasons, but I couldn’t help treat myself to another stay at the triangular Point Hotel on Bread Street - once listed as one of the top 150 hotel designs in the world.

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The Omni: Stuntpad, beanbag, luuurve seat!

29th November 2006

So, I got me one of those amazing Omni beanbags from Sumo Lounge the other week, and I’ve been trying it out on those rare occasions of rest and recuperation.

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Colly’s Winter Stew

4th November 2006

Brrrr! It ain’t half getting cold out, and Autumn feels more like Winter if you ask me. At this time of year it is important to keep well fed and ward off any nasty colds and flus. For my money, nothing beats a good, hearty English stew - and plenty of it!

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