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The Monthly Style Magazine - R.I.P

14th June 2004

The state of magazine publishing in the UK is in serious limbo. People simply do not need to pay four quid a month to find out what’s going on - not now we have the web at our fingertips.

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Don’t Cry - They’re Only Onions…

14th June 2004

I feel compelled to help raise collective spirits after last night’s mugging at the hands of the French team. Last night we sat there shell-shocked after the Gallic ones had pulled two goals out of nothing in the final three minutes of the game.

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Euro 2004: A Nation Expects…

9th June 2004

Apologies to all readers across the pond. I’m going to write about football (soccer - the one without padding). Euro 2004 begins on the 12th June, and I’m as excited as a squirrel during nut-fall. Why am I so excited this time around? Well, England could actually win…

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The Tale of the Unloved iMac

21st May 2004

We call him Future Stereo. He may well be inanimate, but I’m concerned about his well being. Disillusioned by being asked to do nothing more than play MP3s all day, the little fella is showing signs of trauma. The story of Little iMac and his marginalization is a sad one. It’s a cathartic thing for me to tell this tale, but is anyone listening to the stereo?

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