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Memories of another trip

9th June 2010

Having just spent ten of the best days of my life in New York and San Francisco, I’d planned to write about some of my experiences. However, there is way too much to cover. Therefore, I simply present a list; a personal diary entry to trigger my own memories of people and places in years to come.

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A farewell to Erskine

28th February 2010

Some three and a half years since I co-founded Erskine Design, I have—after much deliberation—decided to leave the agency in pursuit of new and exciting challenges.

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Redesigning the undesigned

25th January 2010

For two years—and with much embarrassment, I have been apologising for my undesigned blog. Well, no more shall I blush. To mark this fourth redesign and rebuild, I’ve decided to detail my inspiration, ideas, processes, type and design choices—and hopefully explain what this miscellany thing is all about.

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Starting from the beginning…

14th August 2009

Last week I was invited to do a video interview with Ryan for his please start from the beginning series.

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Dad’s tree

18th May 2009

On an eerily foggy day in May, we laid my Dad to rest at the head of the Hope Valley. Just myself, my Mam, and a lone crow that arrived at the beginning, stayed throughout, then left as we did.

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Four days in remote Wasdale

18th May 2009

I’m reaching the end of a wonderful week off, which included a five-hour drive to remote Wasdale in the Lake District, two full days of trekking and scrambling, and a return journey of over eight-hours through three national parks. And all of that under sun-kissed skies. Plus, my highest-ever tweet!

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Climb the mountains…

4th May 2009

I recently realised that the main thing missing from my life over the “web years” has been my love and understanding of the mountains and national parks. With this in mind, I made a return trip up my beloved Kinderscout for the first time in years today, a sort of “training” trip prior to the bigger fells of the Lake District next week.

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I am not John Cleese

27th November 2008

OK. Lets start this post about my book Beginning CSS Web Development with one of my favourite reviews.

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Belle & Sebastian, Burgerman, and some other mates all rolled into one neat Christmas competition

21st November 2008

I have to blog about this competition, seeing as it involves a mix CD created by a musician I once booked and purchased tomato soup and mash for; it has artwork by my friend and office pal; its on a website built by someone who taught me all I know, and it is facilitated by a company run by a friend I’ve known for 30 years; some cash goes to a charity researching a disease which hit my family hard this year. No arguments.

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Trailer: Erskine and the Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride - a tale of horror and woe

20th November 2008

As previously posted, in June 2008, four members of the Erskine team completed the Great Notts Bike Ride 50 mile route.

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