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Iceland Airwaves here we come

10th September 2004

I’m very impressed with my esteemed colleague Mr. Tebbutt. Worthy captain of the good ship Speakers Push The Air, he’s managed to grab four free press passes to this year’s Airwaves festival in Reykjavik. It’ll be my seventh or eighth trip to Iceland, but my first chance to soak up the sights and sounds of the festival.

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Indulgence you can only imagine…

23rd August 2004

How time flies when you’re having fun. So much fun. More fun than I’ve had for some time - in a big block anyway. One big, bad block of fun. I barely touched the laptop, and went nowhere near the office. Instead I split my time between London, the South coast and good old Nottingham. Low cost, cheap thrills and very little effort.

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Glastonbury 2004: Another classic

28th June 2004

So, that was Glastonbury 2004. Around 120,000 revellers enduring sleep deprevation, come-ups and downs, 1000s of performers and everything the weather could throw at us. Probably my favourite Glasto thus far, thanks in part to the volume of friends around me, two days of intense sunshine and some incredibly powerful music.

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Icelandic National (Web) Team

2nd June 2004

In what will be the first of millions of posts relating to my love of all things Icelandic, I’ve decided to flag up some excellent websites built in the land where Macs are as important as food, and the internet was introduced way back in 1912 (well, they were well ahead of the UK). Icelandic design continually impresses me - whatever the field - and young developers are readily embracing current standards in their work.

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In Southend, United

11th May 2004

Posted via CollyPhone: Images from the University-gang reunion in glamorous Southend-on-Sea recently. Probably a bit ropey seeing as I’m sending them from my mobile, but it’s not the future yet.

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