5th May, 2004

Welcome to my blog!

Finally, the dust covers are off. Welcome to my own blog! Expect half-cocked rants and observations about art, music, web design, travel, good people, bad people; delivered on an almost daily basis.

I’ll keep this intro short, as I spent most of the early hours in Nottingham’s new super club Stealth, so I ain’t feeling too sharp. Please take a look around and get a feel of things. Be sure to check back daily for new links, waffle, ideas and nourishment - and feel free to leave comments if you need to put me straight. Read on for more…

I decided long ago that I really am far too opinionated to let my conclusions drift into nothingness, and that I desperately needed a place to store all my vitriol, euphoria, excitements and disappointments. Thus, the medium of blogging will act as a catalyst for all things CollyLogical. CollyLogic is named loosely after Fuzzy Logic.

A note about the design. The site only went live on 16th May 2004, with me sticking to a self-imposed deadline. Thus, it’s not quite finished. The photo sets aren’t ready, the code is not fully semantic yet (although most of it is valid XHTML and CSS, and I’ve got a little bit of debugging to do). When I last checked, CollyLogic was sitting very nicely on most browsers (I.E 5.0 upwards Mac and PC, Safari, Firefox), but was a bit non-floaty on Opera. If something looks a little weird on your browser, please email me.

Still with me? Good. I’m afraid there’ll be a fair bit of web-related banter on these pages as the site develops. Where else would you expect me to put it? I’ll only end up talking about coding in the pub if you don’t let me stick it in here. That said, I’ll be reporting back from the latest gigs I’ve toddled along to, telling you what I’m listening to, and sharing my insights about everything I need to tie down, be it film, travel, gadgets, alcoholic exploits and more (but don’t expect me to tell you everything).

Finally for now, as well as the daily Logical Links in the sidebar, I’ll be adding to the comprehensive CollyLinks page regularly, listing the sites that inspire me, be they those of friends, bands, web industry blogs and tooltips, anything good basically. You’ll also find my blo.gs favourites list on there, listed in order of update via the magic of RSS.

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