15th February, 2006

CSS Mastery's arrived!

Yippee!! It’s the day after the book was officially launched, and I have received my copies. Finally I get to see the fruit of all our work.

CSS Mastery book cover

Andy’s stuff looks incredible, with squillions of great diagrams and explanations, and I’m expecting to learn a thing or two from that lot. Cameron’s case study looks fab too - can’t wait to actually read this stuff! Read on for more images…

CSS Mastery snap
CSS Mastery snap
CSS Mastery snap

Forgive the trumpet-blowing, but I am over the moon. Sorry for the dodgy images - blame the camera phone. By the way, I’ve only received two books with this delivery, so to those of you that are waiting for competition prizes, hang fire and I’ll get them out to you at the end of the month. Finally, well done to Andy and Cameron, and kudos to the amazing Chris Mills for his skillful handling of a complete novice.

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