3rd August, 2005

Design error: the kitchen toilet

So, amidst all the client work, Em and I are redecorating the house, and over the weekend we collected an armfull of paint charts, decor guides and other bunf. Leafing through the Homebase bathroom guide, we discovered this image:


Further reading revealed more of these bizarre hybrid bathroom/kitchen designs. Now, what I’m wondering is, am I missing something, or do people actually want to shit in their kitchens? I’m sorry, but this is the most ridiculous design I’ve seen in a lifetime.

We were in stitches for about five minutes after seeing these wonderful fitted bathrooms. All I can see is a toilet attached to a kitchen cupboard, and a sink wedged on the worktop. Take a shit in that loo and you’re gonna have a right mess all over the floor, no?

What if you should accidentally put your washing in the bog? “Mum, where’s the spin on this washing machine? Oh, I see it.” One flush later and your smalls are ditched in bogwater.


“Mum, I need a drink. Where’s the lemonade?” Child finds bleach…

Bloody stupid design. Anyone who opts for this “flexible solution to bathroom storage problems” must be a fruitcake short of a whippet meeting. Crap, with a capital “fucking rubbish”.

Rant over, back to my ladder with my anger.


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