2nd February, 2009

Designing For The Web

Having read the thing cover-to-cover over the weekend, I was just about to write a detailed post about my friend Mark Boulton’s new PDF book A Practical Guide to Designing for the Web (available from today).

Designing for the Web

Then I realised that Mr. Hicks had posted pretty much exactly the same overview as I had intended. I think these posts will be the first of many plaudits for Mark, so we’re getting in early…

I’ll instead simply say that this fine book seeks to cover much more than I’d anticipated - everything from tax and cashflow to briefs and research, and how for a self-taught designer such as myself it fills in a number of graphic design specifics that art school failed to share. Mark’s approach is honest, thoughtful and carefully structured, and the illustrations are well-considered and always relevant. I’m recommending this book to all - regardless of experience or specific specialism.

Like many, I too am keen to get a physical copy of this beautiful book. Mark is evaluating that, but so far it looks expensive. I’d be amazed if a publisher doesn’t make him an offer, but I know independence is important here. Regardless, I’d pay good money to have this book as a thumbable reference on my desk.

Designing For The Web - colour wheel pagesFigure 1: Colour theory.

Mark, you have certainly met my expectations, and I’m proud of you, sir. Well worth the rather long wait!

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