28th February, 2006

Dirty Pretty Things site launch

After a weekend that saw 20,000 members bash the hell out of it, I’m pleased to say that our latest website launch for the about-to-be-massive Dirty Pretty Things seems to have gone well.

The band, fronted by ex-Libertine Carl Barat, recently made their TV debut at the NME Awards, and sold out their first tour in half an hour. It’s all happening at great speed, as did the site build.


It’s been an interesting, rewarding process, working with our existing clients at Creation (who manage the band), artist Hannah Bays (who provided all the source artwork) and record company Vertigo.  The folks from the latter’s media department really opened my eyes to how websites are built from the point of mass sales and marketing, and I’ve definitely learned a thing or two about how the record industry works. Our previous work in this sector (The Libertines, Poptones, Thee Unstrung and others) was from a more independent base, so this was a real step up.


As usual, the fans come first, and we’ve given them delicious hidden EE forums, internal communication tools, and the ability to upload their own photos, artwork, reviews and wallpaper designs. If you wanna see any of that, you’ll need to join as a member though!

There’s still plenty to do. Some of EE’s looped output causes the odd validation woe, and we can’t guarantee that all content added by the lovely administrators will fall into place perfectly - especially as there is so much to be added, and naturally the forums aren’t perfect (are any?). I’m also a bit concerned about how the site scales once you up the text size by a fair margin. Still, everyone seems happy so far, and I finally discovered the joys of italicised Georgia!

Gimme feedback…

I’m keen to know if any of you spot problems on your computers. There’s some odd positioning stuff going on, and although everything seemed cool through our testing, I guarantee something will go awry somewhere. I also know that due to the speed at which the site was built, I’m bound to have littered the pages with schoolboy errors. Any feedback, both positive and negative, is always welcome.

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