9th September, 2005

Doodle down London town

As a result of making a last-minute decision to dodge down to London’s oh-so trendy Shoreditch to preview the first Black Convoy show on our shores, I’m feeling a little fatigued back here in Nottingham.


Early morning train journeys do not a good birthday make, but it was good to see London again, and a treat to see everyone going about their business with smiles and defiance despite recent events. Last night’s show was a cracking event, with hundreds turning up for their free Black Convoy Beer, and it was a joy to meet up with a few more Convoyers, especially the ridiculously talented Miles Donovan and McFaul...

BC beer

Burgerman seemed slightly tipsy when I bumped into him, although I may just have been confused by seeing him shambling around in a suit. Quite surprised by the number of people waiting to meet him - Jon, you’re quite famous it seems! Shame I didn’t get to meet all the gang - just too many people there. Maybe next time. The show itself, lodged in the Jaguar Shoes gallery, completely encompassed the space - every wall, fixture, fitting, pillar - even the bar. The collaborative backdrops (all monochrome and very striking for it) had then been doodled over by the team, resulting in a blitz of characters, symbols, familiar and unfamiliar icons.


Some of the crowd were very Hoxton, and I’m sure most Brits will understand what I mean by that. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course. Pretention is cool in it’s own way. So as not to upset anyone, I should also say that many in attendance were lovely, sexy, highly unpretentious-looking souls, and it was very nice to meet some of you.


Great also to see BritPack chappy Mike again, and discuss tales of cork tiling, traffic offences, plagiarising designs and other golden nuggets.


I hope you’ll forgive the lack of insightful commentary here, but after 24 hours of trains, rushing about, staying in a strange bed and rushing back to the office, I’m not exactly up to much today. Anyway, it’s my birthday, so I shouldn’t apologise really. More cake, boys?


I’ve uploaded some larger images to the Black Convoy gallery. Sorry they’re not very good, but I didn’t exactly make much of an effort.

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