11th May, 2005

Doodle Down: New York vs London

More illustration love for your hungry eyes this weekend. The Agenzia server is gonna take a battering as it bridges the gap between New York and London for Saturday’s Doodle Down, a four-hour transatlantic doodle-off featuring two incredibly talented groups of pensmiths.


Cue a frenetic four hours on 14th May with images being uploaded, downloaded, doodled on, re-scanned, uploaded, pinged back and forth across the ocean via the medium of FTP. Wanna know more about this must-experience event? Then read on…

The chaps from Peepshow, and some other Black Convoy folks (am I flogging BC enough yet?) are onboard at the UK end, plus all manner of “dudes” over in New York. If you’re able to make it to either the London or New York venues on the day, I advise you do so.

Anyway, I don’t know much more about it, aside from the fact that if our server goes down it will all be pointless (yikes!). Over to our man Mr. Burgerman for all the details:

“Utilising high-end modern technology (a scanner, a printer and a connection to the web) drawings, scrawls and scribbles will be passed to and from each artist creating the greatest art works the world have ever seen (or some nice doodles).”

UK artists

“Featured in the UK arm of the first ever Doodle Down, tooled up and ready for action in Peepshow HQ, Bethnal Green, London, are such esteemed luminaries of todays exciting illustration art scene; Jon Burgerman, Miles Donovan, Andrew Rae, Paris Hair, Rex Crowle, Orko, Spencer Wilson, Luke Best and Marie O’Conner.”

USA artists

“Across the pond an eager gaggle of New York’s finest and wildest street artists and mad men are restlessly waiting in Manhattan’s uber-cool Orchard Street Art Gallery to duke doodles and lines with their wonky toothed Brit cousins. Such masters of the form include; Magmo the Destroyer, MCA, Skewville, Sife, tonybones, Zach Johnsen, Gore.b, Chris Kline, AZ78, Pufferella, Lobster Roll and Infinity.

“Witness the wonder and weirdness, the destruction and creation, the serene and the obscene at this years premier Doodle Down: A Transatlantic Scrawl.”

USA location

Orchard Street Art Gallery, 139 Orchard Street, New York, NY (btwn Delancy and Rivington). Live doodling starts at 1pm on Saturday May 14, 2005 (in New York). The doodles can be viewed at Orchard Street Art Gallery, NYC May 14,15,21,22,28 and 29th

UK location

UK gallery info will follow shortly.

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