30th June, 2007

Erskine give Beatport its own Beatportal

Over at Erskine Design, we’ve just cut the ribbon on Beatportal - a massive new site for another of our US clients. Beatportal is the latest project from the top-class chaps at Beatport.com, the recognized leader in electronic music downloads.

Beatport homepage

You may already be aware of their cleverly databased Flash-built store, and now the new portal (yes, it seems we do still use that word) provides lovers of bleepy, electronic music with up-to-date information and worldwide events whilst finally giving their customers a real sense of community. And thanks to some trickery-pokery, we’re able to deep-link directly from Beatportal into their Flash store.

Just about all of the credit needs to go to our Jamie Pittock, whose fine craftsmanship, unparalleled knowledge of EE (I thought I knew it all until he came along), and ability to dispense with sleep for months on end allowed the folks at Beatport to basically give us a complete wishlist of what they wanted. Naturally, the site is running off EE 1.6, which is perhaps the most exciting release from the EE team to date. I’m trying not to be quite so evangelical about EE for a while as I was going overboard, so I’ll let Veerle fill you in.

We ended up making quite a few layout amends at the end of the testing phase to accommodate standard advert sizes and other things, so if you spot any errors in our last minute changes then feel free to tip me off as usual. Don’t tell me that the site lacks guitar-based music - I tried to push for more but it was never gonna happen.

We’ve quite a few other juicy things to throw out in the next month or two, including some projects we’ve been desperate to talk about for months, plus (finally) exciting stuff such as a brand new office and our forthcoming call for staff. Keep ‘em peeled.

For now, Jamie, myself and the other Erskinites are off to spend two days in the remote Yorkshire dales without access to phone networks or wifi. It is a Summer Holiday of sorts, but also our annual opportunity to catch up with each other properly, drink ale, and chat in the saunas. Lovely.


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