18th January, 2007

Erskine Update: New Consumer

Latest from Erskine Design. We have just launched the revamped New Consumer website - a collaborative project with the mighty Jason Arber of Pixelsurgeon.

New Consumer home page

You Brits may well have seen the physical magazine in coffee shops, on trains and in book stores - well, this is the pixelated version. Passionate, irreverent, positive and fun, New Consumer exists to champion fair trade and ethical living throughout the world, and to ultimately change consumer and business behaviour by illustrating the ethical alternative. Read it, and you will be a better person. Hey, it is all about ethics here at Erskine!

You’ll find interviews with people like Al Gore and Kathrine Hamnett, plus a myriad of well-known contributors, including my favourite food-chap Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall.

A note for all you standardistas - we ended up building this site under immense pressure and as a result, the code is not as clean as I’d like just yet. Still, we are aiming for perfection, so it won’t be like that for long. Maybe I’ll even get it tidied before the launch party tomorrow (yes, the launch, which is why I am blogging it before it is 100% finished)...

We’ve several huge and exciting projects on the boil at the moment, and although Erskine Design is only three months old, I’m delighted with the way things are going. Great new clients, exciting collaborations with respected designers, and I’ll be looking for my first full-time assistant very shortly. I’ll post up a full spec about what I’m looking for soon enough (don’t send any CVs yet).

I also (amongst many other things) find myself mid-way through building a web app (it has a starburst on the home page and I’m not sorry about it) - and I’m building it with ExpressionEngine of course. A comprehensive tool for the food and drink industry, it is possibly the most complicated thing I have ever done, but it is shaping up very nicely and seems incredibly robust.

There is much, much more I’d love to talk about, but I simply can’t just yet. It has been a very tough three months getting Erskine Design off the ground, especially with a mass of unexpected events punctuating my personal life, and I’m grateful for all the help I get from the Erskine Corporation. It is so good to have a caring, sharing team behind me.

Finally, apologies to all of those who have emailed and not yet received a reply. I simply cannot deal with any non-work emails at the moment. That said, the interesting ones still get attention!

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